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ECC: Poland Semi-final - vs M5

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Jul 29, 2012 10:35

ImageSecond day starts, the playoffs kick off and that means even more epic games than yesterday that you don't want to miss, but if you have to, you can check all the details here.

EU Team Curse EU won their group yesterday and showed pretty convincing performance, while RU Moscow Five were a bit shaky, lost their game against EU Counter Logic Gaming EU and finished second in the group. Will manage to destroy most people's predictions of a M5 - final or will the Russian team shine once more and take that match?

EU Team Curse EU vs RU Moscow Five

Game 1

Bans Yorick, Shen, Shyvana
M5: Maokai, Malphite, Urgot

Picks Alistar, Ezreal, Taric, Kayle, Karthus
M5: Ashe, Sona, Vladimir, Kennen, Udyr tried to disrupt RU Daniel 'Diamondprox' Reshetnikov's jungle but didn't manage to steal any buffs. They did take first blood on RU Eugene 'Genja007' Andryushin though when SE Tobias 'Malunoo' Magnusson ganked the bot lane. Moscow 5 responded pretty fast with a gank of their own in the same lane, which made the score go back to even - 1:1.

A few minutes later a 4-man gank from the Russian side got a double kill on the bot lane, which is definetely the place where all the action took place till now. This was followed by them taking the first dragon of the game totally uncontested and the second one in the same manner 6 minutes later. though were not finished at all - with a couple of ganks again at the bot lane they managed to take 4 kills there and donate them all to the Karthus ult.

With the transition to mid and late game it was time for the teamfights to start happening and Moscow 5 won the first 3 of them, mostly thanks to RU Eugene 'Darien' Mazaev's amazing Vladimir - 3:2, 4:1 and 3:0 with the last one leading to a baron for them as well. With the buff, the Russians pushed hard mid and top lane, scored a couple more kills with their great AP burst damage and ultimately took out the nexus and the game!

Winner: Moscow 5

Game 2

M5: Malphite, Maokai, Karthus Yorick, Urgot, Shyvana

M5: Sona, Udyr, Jax, Ezreal, Zilean Nunu, Orianna, Vladimir, Corki, Soraka

There was no early aggresion in the jungle at the beginning of the second game. A couple of ganks were executed in the top lane but no kills were scored. At the 10 minute mark Moscow 5 took an uncontested first dragon, but the gold difference was still next to non-existent. Two minutes later though decided to try a 3-man dive onto Darien which turned out horribly for them - Diamondprox counterganked and took a double kill.

M5's jungler soloed the second dragon and then went for a dive at bot lane, which resulted in one more kill for him, while were taking the second top turret. Moscow 5 decided to push bot lane and that turned into the first teamfight which they took 2-0. The Russians continued their dominance with another dragon, two more kills and a couple more turrets being taken down - 27 minutes in and the kills score was 8-0.

Moscow 5 took the mid inhibitor and tried to chase them through the jungle, which wasn't the best idea as 4 of them died one by one, which allowed the Russians to take baron. That made them even more unstoppable than before, they went straight for's base and ended the game with the 15-0 score, making them the first finalist and boosting their confidence for the games to come.

Winner: Moscow 5

European Challenger Circuit: Poland 's bracket!



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