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Mythix And PMP Jointly For EGL7

By Malte 'Gravi7y' Gustafson
Jul 29, 2012 01:56

ImageOne more last minute change just one week before the EGL7 is going to be held. This time an Italian and a French organization will together support a Call of Duty console team for the upcoming EGL event.

Last line-up changes, only seven days before the next European Gaming League event is going to be held, are on the way while most of the teams are preparing and practising.

Three French and one Dutchman confirmed that they will compete at this big tournament. Every player of this team has got his own history. With the Dutchman, NL Peter 'Daredevil' Steenland, we've a player that won Battle of Amsterdam and was crowned to be the MVP for BoA. With FR Karnage and FR Lowan we got two players, who together won ECL 2, which also was held in Blackpool, the same place where EGL 7 will kick off.
Last but not least there is the French monster, FR Corentin 'Gotaga' Houssein, who managed to win four Reflexes in a row.
After having a look at these statistics, this team could possibly cause some trouble at EGL 7.

The team captain, NL Peter 'Daredevil' Steenland, is talking about his EGL 7 team:

"Before we joined, pMp had no full line up and wanted a team to play at EGL7. Gotaga contacted me and said he and Lowan were looking for 2 players to go to EGL with. I was planning to play this with Power, but as Gotaga and me are already SMG we needed a AR so thats why we took Karnage as he is the best man for the task!"

Mythix.pMp EGL7 Team

NL Peter 'Daredevil' Steenland (c)
FR Jordy 'Karnage' Mercier
FR Loann 'Lowan' Mescudi
FR Corentin 'Gotaga' Houssein

Source: Decerto



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