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ECC: Poland - Group A Coverage

By Grigoris 'CaveMan800' Solos
Jul 28, 2012 14:01

ImageECC Poland started and it's the last chance for the European teams to grab some Challenger Circuit points before the Regional Qualifiers. Stay tuned for live coverage of the whole event.

Day 1 of the event kicked off today, featuring many great teams, our own EU SK Gaming amongst them. It's the final chance to gain valuable Circuit Points for all of the participants. Let's see how they will perform and wish good luck to our team!

Group A
1. EU Team Curse EU 2 - 1
2. EU SK Gaming 2 - 1
3. PL Team Acer pl 1 - 2
4. PL MeetYourMakers 1 - 2

Match 1: PL MeetYourMakers vs PL Team Acer pl

MYM Bans: Galio, Sona, Karthus
Acer Bans: Urgot, Malphite, Nunu

MYM Picks: Kennen, Morgana, Alistar, Graves, Amumu
Acer Picks: Shen, Corki, Orianna, Shyvanna, Janna

The game started really passive with both teams not showing any aggression, all of their focus on farming and clearing camps. First blood was drawn eventually by Acer at 10.30 when Shen ulted to mid lane and took the kill on Morgana. The first dragon got picked up around 3 minutes later and it was taken by Acer without any response of MYM.

After dragon spawned around the 20 minute mark, both teams gathered up close to the objective. After a big teamfight, Acer came on top with a 3 for 1 exchange and another take down of dragon in their favour. More and more time passed by and Acer were looking really strong and with the 14-2 kill score. The victory was only a good decision and great timing away from them.

At 29 minute mark, a teamfight took place at the bot lane and it ended with a 2:1 exchange in favour of Acer. Acer took the bot inhibitor, the mid inner turret and a dragon on their way back. After they bought some items, they gathered in the mid lane, aced MYM and destroyed the Nexus.

Winner: Acer


Match 2: EU SK Gaming vs EU Team Curse EU

SK bans: Karthus, Kayle, Morgana
Curse.EU bans: Shen, Urgot, Malphite

SK Picks: Nunu, Gragas, Corki, Soraka, Riven
Curse picks: Alistar, Ahri, Ezreal, Taric, Irelia

The Second game in this group started in a similar way as the first: no early aggression, both teams decided to play it safe and focused on farming. Both junglers attempted early ganks but with no result.

First blood was drawn at the 10 minute in favor of Curse thanks to a 3 man gank on bottom lane - the kill went to Ezreal. SK managed to pull it back together, killing him almost immediately after. Both teams resumed farming.

Even though there was aggression on both sides it was still everyone's game - Curse had map control and decided to use it to take down Baron and pushing in all lanes. Just when they thought it was over the time hit minute 32: A perfectly executed teamfight by SK led to a 5 for 1 exchange, an ace and the opportunity to comeback in the game. This however didn't last long: Curse.EU managed to find the nerves needed and pulled it back together, winning this very close game in 42 minutes and with a result of 15:19. Well played!

Winner: Curse.EU


Match 3: EU Team Curse EU vs PL Team Acer pl

Curse Bans: Rumble, Shen, Yorick
Team Bans: Shyvana, Malphite, Urgot

Curse picks: Vladimir, Ezreal, Nunu, Morgana, Alistar
Acer picks: Orianna, Graves, Taric, Lee Sin, Jax

The game starts with a weird lane switching, as Morgana faces Graves on Top, Vladimir vs Orianna Bot, and Ezreal and Nunu vs Taric and Jax on Mid lane.

There’s a really aggressive playing in the middle lane, as the first blood goes to Team Acer with Taric getting the kill on Ezreal. Seconds later, Lee Sin is trying to get a “window” to gank Vladimir on bot lane, but he decides to recall and instant cancel the recall, as Alistar runs into Orianna, Vladimir and Alistar takes care of Orianna, Lee Sin still tried to help but couldn’t do it.

In the next 5 minutes of the game we see more switches between mid and top and mid and bot continue with an aggressive play from both teams. Ezreal now on bot lane gets ganked by Jax, Taric and Lee Sin, with Lee Sin picking up the kill.

Lane switching continue for a couple of minutes and more aggressive plays from both teams attempting to pick up kills, until minute 19 when Morgana with below half health, gets a tower dive on Top lane with Lee Sin killing her.

One minute later Team, picked the dragon. Vladimir in the meanwhile destroys the first tower of the game (Top Lane).

After the first dragon was picked by Team, the polish team begins to play with much more aggressiveness than in the beginning, ganking bot and killing Nunu, but a small mistake of chasing made Vladimir and Morgana appear on the scene and turn the tables around.

At 24:50, Lee Sin and Graves are doing the Red buff, but they didn’t know that they’re in a death trap. With the red buff brush warded, everyone jumps in and kills both instantly after doing it.

The second dragon went to Team also, at 27:15. A teamfight was followed after it with crushing the Polish team, Ezreal picking up a quadra kill, and the second tower push in mid lane.

A second teamfight happens at 32 minutes with winning again. At this moment Ezreal is literally an unstoppable force.

Even though in disadvantage, the Polish team picks the third dragon of the game, trying to comeback into this game and rush for Baron. They begin doing it and kill Nunu in the process as he tried to stop them from continuing baron. 4vs5, a perfect Vladimir ultimate onto Baron area, followed by a full team dive and actually got the baron and the fight. Great move by Vladimir.

The last teamfight happens on 38 minutes with winning the fight and the game.



Match 5: EU SK Gaming vs PL Team Acer PL

SK Bans: Orianna, Karthus, Kayle
Acer Bans Gragas, Urgot, Malphite

SK picks: Nunu, Maokai, Yorick, Anivia, Kog'Maw
Acer picks: Corki, Vladimir, Alistar, Kennen, Shyvanna

This match was a direct second place decider, so both teams came in really confident. We saw some early aggression by Acer, which stole enemy blue buff and then went straight to farming.

First blood came out rather fast this time: After doing some counter-jungling, Araneae executed a perfect gank, taking the kill and giving his team a huge advantage on the top lane.

From then on SK-Gaming just did everything possible to get the full potential of their team comp, taking 2 consecutive dragons. That's exactly where the first big game-deciding event took place - 20 minutes into the game a huge teamfight, forced by SK around the drake area resulted in 5 kills in their favor.

From this moment, until the end of the game, SK were increasing their advantage, scoring another ace around the baron area. Gold advantage was almost 10k, but it increased even more 2 minutes later, when SK again were in control of things and took an uncontested Baron. They pushed in, winning fight after fight. With Yellowstar, kev1n and Ocelote bringing their A-game and scoring numerous multi-kills, SK finished the game in classy 33 minutes and will proceed for tommorows semifinals. Well played!

Winner: SK-Gaming


Coverage written by Grigoris "CaveMan" Solos, Krasimir "fmde" Kolev and David "darthsexy" Figueira



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