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Three brand new heroes live

By Aisha 'TheCheshireCat' Dismond
Jul 28, 2012 00:39

ImageAs you may know the heroes Ezalor Keeper of the Light, Nyx Assassin and Visage the Necro'lic have been uploaded to the Dota 2 main client, ready to be included into your repertoire of playable heroes. So if you want to know what they are capable of, read on.

An Old Man on a horse, a Bug and a Gargoyle walk into a tavern...

Ezalor, Keeper of the Light
Ezalor, Keeper of the Light is a ranged, intelligence hero, who does very well as a pusher.
His first ability Illuminate is a point spell, that channels a lightball of engergy, dealing more damage the longer it is channeled. It has a maximum range of 1600 and provides vision in a line.
Mana Leak does what the name says. The affected target will – if running - lose mana for seven seconds. Additionally if the hero runs out ouf mana, he will get stunned for up to 2,2 seconds at max level.
Chakra Magic, simple and effective: restores 300 mana to an allied hero. Heroes under magic immunity can not be affected.
Ezalor's ultimate spell Spirit Form turns his body luminescent for 40 second and he gains two new abilities: Recall and Binding Light. Also his first ability Illuminate now is casted by one of his Spirt Forms, that means you do not have to channel the spell anymore.
Recall teleports any allied hero, from anywhere on the map to Ezalor's location. If the hero being teleported receives any player based damage while the short delay, the spell gets cancelled.
Binding Light, the second ability coming with the ultimate, is an AoE spell(675 radius) that knocks back enemy heroes and blinds them for five seconds at max level. Blinded heros have an 80 percent chance to miss on their attacks.


Nyx Assassin
Nyx Assassin depends on his high burst damage, which makes him an incredibly effective ganker.
Impale is very similar to Lions ability Earth Spike. It spikes the ground in front of him, hurling enemies into the air; damaging them when they hit the ground and if that was not enough, they get stunned for 2,77 seconds at highest rank.
His second ability Mana Burn destroys mana equal to the targets intelligence and deals as much damage as mana has been burned.
Spiked Carapace reflects, when activated, for 4,5 seconds the next attack dealt to Nyx Assassin. Also it stuns the enemy hero for up to 2,4 seconds.
Vendetta – Nyx ultimate ability has various effects. Firstly he turns invisible for 50 seconds and gains 20 percent movement speed at highest rank. Additionally he gets 525 bonus damage when attacking out of the invisibility. The invisibility has a zero second fade time, which means it can be used to dodge incoming spells.


Visage, the Necro'lic
Visage, the Necro'lic is a ranged support hero who does very well as a support hero, given his offensive and defense spells.
Grave Chill basicly drains attack and movement speed of the target giving it to Visage himself. It has a duration of six seconds and speed drain of 32 percent.
Visages ability Soul Assumption inflicts damage depending on the number of soul charges. A Soul Charge is gained if Visage or team members within a 1375 radius suffer more than 110 damage. That means, at a maximum of six soul charges, 660 damage will be dealt by the Necro'lic.
Gravekeeper's Cloak is Visage's passive defensive ability. The Cloak is based on layers which protect him from incoming magical and physical damage. He can hold a maximum of four layers. If he gets attacked a layer will be removed and has to restore over time.
Visage's ultimate spell is called Summon Familiars. He summons two fellow gargoyles who support him in battle, until they get killed. Both have very high attack power, though the longer the attack the weaker they get. The Familiars have an ability of their own called Stone Form, which allows them to turn into stone and regain attack power. If in Stone Form, they can not move, attack or be damaged. The Ultimate has a 140 second cooldown on highest level and can be upgraded by Aghanim's Scepter. This enables him to spawn one extra gargoyle.


About future hero releases, the Dota 2 team has the following to say:
"With The International arriving in just over a month, we want to give the competing teams some time to practice with a stable Hero roster, and as few new bugs from us as possible. With that in mind, after today’s update we’ll be clamping things down a tad, focusing on getting the existing feature and hero set polished to a high sheen. Fear not, we will continue to work on new heroes internally, getting them ready for a release once The International is over."

So, where was I? Yes, Gandalf, a Bug and a Gargoyle walk into a tavern...and Tolkien gets slapped by Kafka and H.P. Lovecraft says "This is going to be a terrible joke!"



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