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DontMashMe joins TSM.Evo

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Jul 26, 2012 01:36

ImageAfter Aphromoo left TSM.Evo in order to join mTw.NA, the team had the difficult task of finding another top AD Carry player and they succeeded pretty fast, taking DontMashMe in the roster.

US Team SoloMid EVO are adding to the team CA Brandon 'Mash' Phan, formerly of US Monomaniac eSports Dominatus. After his long-time bottom lane partner US Jordan 'Patoy' Blackburn joined US Team Dignitas earlier this week, the decision probably wasn't that hard for the player. Here is his statement regarding the change:

"Monomaniac E-Sports manages their players very well. I myself feel sad for leaving for such a great organization that treats their players in a professional way. I wish mMe the best of luck in future endeavors. Now that I am off mMe, I am now going to join TSM.Evo to play AD Carry. I know I have potential to do so because I have practiced and played bot lane with Nhat Nguyen for IPL4 in the past. I am also ready to go hard and have no regrets doing so. "It's not how BIG you ARE, it's how big you PLAY."

His new support US 'Nhat Nguyen' said the following about the situation in his team:
"We needed to fill an AD carry role on our team and felt that Mashme was the best choice to place top 3 at the season regional. There is only one month until the regional and we are serious and optimistic about improving together in this short amount of time."

US Team SoloMid EVO's line-up:

Two popular and long-standing bot lanes disbanded in the last week - Nhat and Aphromoo, DontMashMe and Patoy. Now one player from each of them is forming a new combo. Will it be more successful than the old ones? We have only one month till the Regionals at PAX East to find out.

Source: MonomaniaceSports



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