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Aphromoo leaves TSM.Evo [UPDATE]

By Grigoris 'CaveMan800' Solos
Jul 24, 2012 21:23

ImageTSM.Evo sadly announced earlier today that Aphromoo is leaving the team to find better opportunities for his career. The second team of the baylife house is now in search of a new AD carry, one month before the Regional qualifiers for Season 2 Grand Final.

The legendary bot lane of US Team SoloMid EVO, consisting US 'Nhat Nguyen' and US Zaqueri 'Aphromoo' Black, is now in the past after Aphromoo decided to leave the team for "greener pastures". So Aphromoo is now in search of a new team and TSM.evo are searching for a new AD Carry to complete their roster before the regional qualifiers at PAX EAST. The community is watching now and the results will determine if Aphromoo's move was right or wrong.

His long time bot lane partner, Nhat Nguyen, said a few things about his teammate's departure:

"After some careful thought and discussion, Aphromoo has decided to leave the team in order to pursue opportunities elsewhere. Although I will not elaborate on why he chose to leave the team, we wish him the best of luck." managed to take an exclusive statement from Nhat Nguyen where he said the following:

"Unfortunately, he decided to part ways but we have been planning ways to improve as a team since his departure. We are currently in the process of recruiting an AD player you might know and our team is still very confident in our chances at the season regional with this change.""

Team Solomid.EVO's current roster:



Earlier today, US mTw NA's manager Gnomesayin announced that US Zaqueri 'Aphromoo' Black will be joining their roster. With these changes US An 'Balls' Le will be put back into top lane.

MTW's current roster:

Source: Gnomesayin's Reddit post

Post updated by Teemu "DMAM" Simonen



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