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PC Games MOBA coming soon

Jul 23, 2012 20:20

ImageAmazing news for all German speaking followers of League of Legends. PC Games, a German video game magazine, are about to release a special edition filled with content all about League of Legends. If you wanna find out more about Germany's first fully MOBA-based magazine, read on.

Ever since the release of League of Legends, the game designed by Riot got more and more popular. Currently, there's a fanbase of over 30 million signed up players, and the number increases daily. In a game that is played by so many gamers there's of course a huge range of differences in skill levels and play styles.

Have you ever wanted to improve, read through indepth guides and many other things that will open up your eyes and make you gain a lot of game knowledge? Then this offer might be very attractive for you.

PC Games, a German video game magazine, is about to release a brand new special edition that's gonna be filled with tons of great content concerning our favorite topic - League of Legends.

On 08.08.2012 the official release of the magazine will kick off, making it available for you in any store that features magazines in Germany and Austria. If you don't happen to live in these countries but still don't wanna miss out on this magazine, you can also order it online. The link of where to claim your magazine online can be found below.

Wanna know why falling in love with this new product is definitely worth it and what it provides you with? Then give the featured topics listed below a read:
・ 56 pages filled with indepth guides. All about Ashe, Ahri, Garen, Irelia, Sivir, Soraka and Warwick you need to know.
・ Numerous tips & tricks (including a guide for beginners, and a focus on the topics 'What to do once my account hits level 30' and 'How to ward properly')
・ A detailed preview of Valve's Dota2
・ Coverage: The history of MOBA
・ An interview with EU SK Gaming 's own Carlos 'ocelote' Rodríguez Santiago
・ MOBA in/and eSports (tournaments, leagues etc.)

Furthermore, every magazine includes an exclusive item code for League of Legends. Using this code you can unlock an IP Boost that's gonna last for three days, so you can grind tons of IP to be able to buy new Champions or Runes faster than usually.


Cover of the magazine. (click to enlarge)

Do these features this new magazine has to offer sound attractive to you and make you wanna be one of the first to hold this shiny product in your hands? Then this is what you should do: Head over to and pre-order your very own copy right now! It will arrive in your mailbox even before the official release date, so don't miss out and order now!

Also, if you're able to understand German and if you got curious about this project run by PC Games, head over to their homepage to check out their preview of their first fully MOBA-based magazine.



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