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Azubu The Champions Summer 2012 - Group C, Day 2

By Grigoris 'CaveMan800' Solos
Jul 21, 2012 08:50

ImageNa'Vi are out of the tournament and Korean teams are proving to be insanely strong. With two out of four foreign teams getting knocked out at the group stage, and have some proving to do next week.

No big turnarounds in the group positions, the favourites got the tickets to the round but still Group C featured some amazing plays and a few exciting matchups. KR Startale gave an incredible performance to OGN's big crowd and KR Choi 'Locodoco' Yoon-sub proved that his chances for the title are not decreased at all after he left KR MiG Frost. US William 'scarra' Li's co-casting made the whole day even more awesome.

Group C standings (at the start of the day)

Xenics Storm 1W/0L
Startale 1W/0L
Na'Vi 1W/1L


KR Xenics Storm vs KR Startale

Bans: Storm: Ryze, Karthus, Kennen - Startale: Alistar, Ahri, Nocturne

Picks Xenics Storm: Shen, Soraka, Graves, Malphite, Anivia

Picks Startale: Twisted Fate, Olaf, Lee Sin, Caitlyn, Morgana

The first match of the day featured the clash of the group's favourites to advance to the next round. Will Startale confirm their dominance over their group opponents or Xenics will beat Locodoco & co?

After a surprising Morgana pick after Twisted Fate was picked by Startale, Locodoco's company started really aggresive when they stole Shen's wraiths and red buff and sent Morgana bottom to 2v1 against Soraka and Graves and Caitlyn went against Anivia. Twisted Fate along with Lee Sin went for a 3-man dive on top lane where Olaf grabbed first blood on Malphite.

The first team fight of the game took place at Storm's blue buff where Startale managed to pick up a kill on Shen after an amazing Morgana's ultimate. The fight ended as a 4:2 in Startale's advantage after a great Lee Sin ulti and some bad micro from Anivia.

After this fight, Startale grouped up in mid lane and forced Storm to engage them. Another perfectly landed Morgana's ultimate led the fight to 4:1 for Startale. After this fight, Startale were so far ahead that they didn't even need baron buff. They grouped up in mid lane, pushed and when they found a chance at Storm's mid inhibitor, they demolished them and took the victory.

Winner: Startale


KR Startale vs KR CJ Entus

Bans: Startale: Karthus, Vladimir, Malphite - CJ Entus: Shen, Urgot, Graves

Picks Startale: Nocturne, Alistar, Irelia, Orianna, Corki

Picks CJ Entus: Anivia, Miss Fortune, Nunu, Maokai, Singed

Even though CJ Entus were out from the first day, they didn't want to leave the tournament without giving Startale a fair fight. A win there could also save their pride...

At the early stages the game wasn't that passive, but Startale's comp allowed them to counterjungle and not get caught. They used this advantage to its fullest until 5 minute mark where a small teamfight took place. Maokai grabbed the first blood but Nocturne got a double kill and Orianna got one, ending this fight with a 3:1 for Startale.

We had our first major team fight at 19:20 where both teams gathered to fight for the second dragon of the game. A good flash from Orianna trapped Maokai in the whole Startale team and a great ulti again from Orianna got the whole Entus team. This allowed her team to quickly demolish Entus turnin this fight into a 1:4 for Startale.

After this fight, the game was pretty passive until the third dragon spawned. Startale took it instantly and Entus, with no vision of the dragon, simply walked into the entire Startale team hoping that the dragon would still be up. Startale was able to finish them one by one with only one member of Entus managing to survive. After this fight Startale had a big advantage over their opponents. They took baron and pushed the mid lane where they caught Singed out of position. They quickly eliminated him and they destroyed the rest of Entus team. At the end of this fight Corki came out with a pentakill causing the crowd to go wild.

Winner: Startale


EU Na'Vi vs KR Xenics Storm

Bans: Na'Vi: Ahri, Alistar, Shen - Xenics Storm: Karthus, Ziggs, Nocturne

Picks Na'Vi: Vladimir, Taric, Ezreal, Malphite, Gragas

Picks Xenics Storm: Urgot, Leona, Skarner, Twisted Fate, Rumble

In the final match of Group C, Na'Vi faced Xenics Storm in a so called do-or-die match meaning the loser of the match will be eliminated. Stakes were high for both of the teams but especially for Na'Vi, as they would have come all the way to Korea for no gain if they lost now in the group stage.

Xenics Storm banning out the two champions CitizenWayne had played in the previous group stage matches shows how much they want to shut him down. CitizenWayne responses by picking Gragas, his most comfortable champion for mid lane.

Game starts with Xenics storm invading NaVi's jungle, setting up a ward at the brush entrance to wraiths. Both teams playing very defensively. NaVi decides to send Ezreal and Taric to 2v1 top lane, which Xenics storm predicts and answers by sending their bot lane to top as well.

Silence breaks at 9 minute mark when Gragas leaves the lane for blue buff. Twisted Fate then takes his chance and uses his ultimate to dive Ezreal and Taric with a help of Skarner, picking up two kills for nothing.

NaVi groups at dragon without knowing that Xenics storm has a full vision of it. Storm started putting pressure on NaVi, leading to NaVi taking the dragon but losing 2 lives for 1.

Dragon is up again and teams start to gather around it, looking for opportunities. Malphite initiates but he only manages to hit Rumble with his ultimate, leading into an 4-2 exchange on the favor of Xenics storm.

Without wasting any time, NaVi once again groups at dragon. NaVi manages to get it but loses 2 lives in exchange.

At this point Xenics Storm was ahead enough to force fights and even tower dive. The score set to 13:4 on the favor of Storm and things are not looking so bright for NaVi right now.

Both teams have been very carefully with The Baron buff throughout the whole game. Both of the teams were clearing and placing wards so that their opponents wouldn't get The Baron buff.

Finally, instead of focusing on Baron, after Xenics Storm was sure that NaVi didn't have any vision on them, they came around and attacked NaVi from The Baron side in mid lane. With the power of Shurelia's, Skarner's ultimate and Leona’s ultimate NaVi was held under the CC long enough for Rumble to burst massive damage on their carries, leading to 4 kills on the favor of Xenics storm, with only Gragas being left to defend against the whole Storm team. NaVi pauses the game but right after the game resumes Storm goes for the victory.

With this match being set and done the two teams advancing into the round of 8 will be StarTale and Xenics Storm.

Winner: Xenics Storm


Final Standings
1st - StarTale 3W/0L - Qualified
2nd - Xenics Storm 2W/1L - Qualified
3rd - Na'Vi 1W/2L
4th - CJ Entus 0W/3L

Next week we'll see the big clash between US Counter Logic Gaming and EU Counter Logic Gaming EU. How will they do against each other and two Korean teams? We are eager to see. Check out the whole group here.




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