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SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] review

By Teemu 'DMAM' S
Jul 27, 2012 15:30

ImageFor the past few days I've been testing out SteelSeries' newest creation. If you happen to have been thinking about taking a closer look at the two gaming mice, definitely give this post a read.

What is SteelSeries ?

SteelSeries is an organization focused on making high performance gaming gear used by the most demanding, top professional gamers worldwide and peripherals that provide superior quality and a competitive edge to gamers of all skill levels.

About [RAW]

SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] is basically a simplified version of it's 'father', SteelSeries Sensei. It's perfect for those who don't want to pay extra for some features you wouldn't utilize unless you are playing on a professional level. The [RAW] is simply awesome because you are given the choice of two different surfaces. Instead of the original Sensei's metal surface there are rubberized and glossy. Rubberized is perfect if you are playing for an extended gaming session as your hands tend to get sweaty during intense games. The [RAW]'s ambidextrous design also allows the same buttons to be accessible for lefties. 16% of the mouse base is covered with high performance UPE material to ensure maximum glide. The Glides are recommended to change regularly as they will eventually be worn down.

Size and weight
Weight: 90 grams (0.2 lbs)
Height: 38.7 mm (1.5 in)
Width: 68.3 mm (2.7 in)
Length: 125.5 mm (4.9 in)


Rubberized soft-touch surface on the left and the smooth glossy surface on the right (Click to enlarge)

Plug 'n' play

Simple as that. As soon as you plug it in it's ready for use. Although downloading The SteelSeries Engine from their website is necessary to access every feature the [RAW] has to offer. With the SteelSeries Engine you are able to customize your CPI settings, programmable buttons, LED intensity, and lighting modes and save them as easily changeable profiles.


A screenshot of SteelSeries Engine's setting page (Click to enlarge)


A screenshot of SteelSeries Engine's button page (Click to enlarge)

Sensei [RAW] vs. The original Sensei

The technology in these two are almost the same. Even though [RAW] doesn't include the LCD menu system nor the 32-bit ARM processor, the 7 full programmable buttons remain, as well as the same FPS and CPI. As mentioned earlier, this is a perfect choice for those who aren't going to travel around the world playing in a professional tournaments and still want to have an awesome piece of gaming equipment with less cost.

The [RAW] in use and my personal opinions

As I play a lot of different games I find that in League of Legends the ability to set my sensitivity to the exact number allows me to be precise with my clicking, no matter if it's killing minions or scrolling through the map. With the [RAW] you also have the option to bind commands to 2 buttons on either side of the mouse. The mouse features two identical buttons on either side of it which I found difficult to get used to at first but as time passed it became unnoticeable.

As I tested both of the surfaces I personally found the rubberized is way better for fast-paced gaming as the grip holds better even though your hands get sweaty.

I personally like the way [RAW] is designed. Not only is the mouse great for gaming but 'everyday stuff', such as browsing the internet is very comfortable. It feels good for your hand and is easy to get a good grip.

The mouse feet are large, which allows you to control the mouse perfectly. Having large mouse feet didn't seem like a big deal at first but I noticed it became a lot easier to control the mouse when playing, for example I had the same control be it moving short distances when killing minions or taking quick sweeps when engaging enemys. The mouse control also allows me to be accurate when using skill shots.

Another great feature of the [RAW] is the CPI high/low switch. You can change your CPI in the blink of an eye which is very effective in shooter games such as CS or MW2, in case you need to switch weapons etc.

If my review got you interested in checking out the mice or other products of steelseries, just head over to their homepage and feel free to browse through all of their amazing offers.

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