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Naga Siren splashes into Dota 2

By Samuel 'DarthBotto' Horton
Jul 20, 2012 02:41

ImageSlithice the Naga Siren has now joined the roster of Dota 2, closing the gap of heroes not yet ported from the original even further.

The Radiant side has gained yet another hero in the Dota 2 roster, this time with the agility melee carry hero Naga Siren. This hero is yet another addition over the recent past that was not originally conceived by former DotA Allstars and League of Legends lead designer Steve "Guinsoo" Feak, but rather a delve into the heroes produced by Eul and IceFrog, (both of whom now work at Valve). Naga Siren is a hero that is highly-efficient at providing heavy damage and crowd control, with the incentive of allowing allies to escape from losing team fights.

Naga Siren's first ability is Mirror Image, which creates three replicas of her, of which all produce a fraction of her base damage. In addition, effects on Naga Siren are removed when she casts this ability. The second ability is Ensnare, which prevents the movement of enemy units, but does not prevent them from attack with ranged abilities and casting spells. Therefore, it does not completely neutralize enemies, but merely delays them. Naga Siren's third ability, Rip Tide, creates an area of effect blast from her and her replicas, which lowers the armor of enemy units. Naga Siren's final ability is Song of the Siren, which pacifies enemies in a massive radius for seven seconds, while also making them invulnerable. This ultimate may be crucial in situations that require an early escape.

In addition to Naga Siren, several new features have been implemented. Announcer packs are becoming more readily available, with the first Valve-approved third-party pack, Pirate Captain, available for purchase. Games against bots will end with chest drops in the same fashion as regular matchmaking games, as well. Finally, spectators will be able to view the gold per minute chart, ranking players highest to lowest on their income.

In the familiar fashion of Valve leaving subtle hints for upcoming heroes, Valve has included the portrait of Keeper of the Light in this week's change log, indicating who the next man up is for rejoining the battlefields of Dota.

Source: Dota 2



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