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MLG Summer Arena Preview

By Robert 'InzTTP' Wylie
Jul 20, 2012 17:43

ImageThe summer arena is less than 24 hours away. 32 players have qualified through multiple tournaments to battle it out for the $26,400 prize pool as well as seeded spots in the Summer Championship!

This weekend the MLG Summer Arena will get underway. With 32 of the best players in the world making their way to the MLG studio in New York it's sure to be an exciting weekend.

Players qualified through 3 regional qualifiers as well as 8 seeds from the Spring Championships so the competition level is sure to be at the highest level. Leading up to this event players have been travelling the world at events such as DreamHack, HomeStory Cup, and the NASL Grand Finals. The competition is ready so let's dive right in!


Coming in with the number 1 seed we have Alicia, runner up at the NASL grand finals and the MLG Spring Championship. Alicia has reinvented himself, the once Code S Protoss set out to make a point at the Spring Championship and that's exactly what he did. Going into the event no one would've picked him to take a top 8 placing but his ability to perform in every match up at a very high level saw him drive past a lot of the competition. This weekend will be tough for Alicia. His current form gives him the ability to not only place high but win this tournament so watch out for him.

There was a lot of talk if Stephano was still playing at his best, but when WCS France rolled around he silenced a lot of people. Not only winning WCS France but not dropping a single map the entire tournament. He took that form to Canada were he destroyed the competition. Losing only 3 maps the entire tournament and obliterating Alicia in the final 4-0. Coming into this Arena Stephano is the favourite in my opinion. As long as he keeps his focus he should make it comfortably to the final.


MLG Arena is the place for underdogs to make their name, although for Taeja this will be the tournament to solidify his name as a big time player. Recently making it to the round of 8 in GSL he went up against the best Protoss Player in the world MC. Most people wrote him off before the first match had been played but Taeja put on one of the best performances we've seen from him yet. Although losing I feel it gave him the confidence boost he needed. He's definitely someone to keep an eye on this weekend.

Last weekend, Hero set up to make a run at the NASL championship. His first round opponent was none other than Stephano. Hero is just now finding his PvZ style and it's quickly becoming one of the best in the world but Stephano was just too much for him. This weekend may be a lot better for Hero as he will have a very mixed approach to the later rounds. As long as he keeps his nerves in check Hero will be finishing at the very later stages of the tournament and is a contender to take it all.


After making his breakout at the Spring Championship SaSe showed the world what hardwork in Korea can do, he always had the skill level to finish high in a tournament but it was the way he did it. His ability to overcome some of the best players in the world made him a force to be reckoned with. His creative playstyle always has his opponents on edge and we can be sure to see him get very far into the tournament. Despite having a rather difficult bracket we should see SaSe on championship Sunday.

Featuring a very high seed Puma will be looking to get back to his past form. Last weekend his attempt to three peat NASL was put to a halt by MC. Recently his tournament form has been rather poor but this tournament can go either way for Puma. Right from the start his TvP will be put to the test by Finnish Protoss player Welmu. If he can make it past the first round he will be in good shape to take his bracket.


The best part of MLG Arena is that anyone can win, player are here for a reason and they all have the ability to create an upset. With not only prize money and a seed into the Summer Championship up for grabs these players are also fighting to make a name for themselves. With a lot of talent yet to be discovered in play this weekend.

For the first time ever the Arena will host a free standard-definition stream of main the competition. So don't miss out on the exciting weekend ahead.



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