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Azubu The Champions Summer 2012 – Group C, Day 1

By Michael 'Wtblife' Ardelean
Jul 19, 2012 17:14

ImageA new week, a new group. After Dignitas dropped out of Azubu quite early, there are no doubts that the Korean scene is very strong. Will European representative Na'Vi be able to go through the group stage?

Group C was looking like a big challenge for everyone as it includes one of the strong contenders from the last season, KR Choi 'Locodoco' Yoon-sub's new team and one of the European teams, which chose this massive Korean tournament to be their first LAN event. What's more, US William 'scarra' Li stayed in Korea in order to co-cast this week's matches, which made them even more enjoyable to watch.

Group C
KR StarTale
EU Natus Vincere
KR Xenics Storm
KR CJ Entus


KR CJ Entus vs KR Xenics Storm
Bans: CJ Entus: Alistar, Graves, Ahri – Storm: Shen, Urgot, Vladimir

Picks CJ Entus: Karthus, Lulu, Malphite, Shyvana, Caitlyn

Picks Xenics Storm: Soraka, Anivia, Udyr, Corki, Singed

Xenics Storm is a well-known name in the Korean LoL scene, proving time and time again they have what it takes to win. How will the fledgling team CJ Entus fare against them?

After a somewhat surprising Caitlyn pick by CJ Entus, Storm decided they did not want to deal with the harass of a Caitlyn/Lulu lane and sent Corki/Soraka top to face off against Malphite while Singed 2v1ed bottom. At the 5 minute mark Shyvana picked up a kill on Soraka. Not long after, Malphite Teleported bottom in an attempt to kill Singed, but Udyr was there and turned the gank around, with Storm picking up a kill on Lulu for free.

Both AD/Support combos took their respective outer turrets around the same time, and after some grouping CJ Entus managed to get a catch on Soraka. Though they did not get a kill, her low health enabled them to Dragon. A little later as Storm was clearing wards in preparation for the next Dragon, CJ Entus decided to pick a fight. Lulu dropped very quickly and Corki managed to Valkyrie out of sight, breaking all of Entus' concentration and allowing a 4:1 fight for Storm.

Another Dragon, another fight, another Malphite initiate. This time Entus managed to pick up Soraka quickly, but Caitlyn chased too hard and was killed by Anivia, allowing for Storm to take the fight 3:1, and a Dragon. After a scuffle earlier in mid, both teams grouped up again for Dragon. With a bit of a stalemate happening, Singed took the opportunity to push the inhibitor tower. With this added pressure Entus engaged awkwardly in to Storm, allowing Storm to take a delayed ace. Storm took 2 inhibitors off this fight, as well as a free Baron that allowed them to push for victory.

Winner: Xenics Storm

KR StarTale vs EU Natus Vincere
Bans: StarTale: Vladimir, Karthus, Shen – Na'Vi: Anivia, Ahri, Nocturne

Picks StarTale: Alistar, Ryze, Urgot, Dr. Mundo, Malphite

Picks Na'Vi: Soraka, Graves, Ziggs, Nautilus, Darius

Locodoco had a lot to prove with his new team, but so did the European team of Na’Vi . Who came out stronger?

StarTale started the game pretty aggressively with an invasion in Na’Vi’s jungle. They found there DE philipp 'SAND' Bennek and despite his flash, Malphite managed to take the first blood. Additionaly, StarTale decided to send Urgot and Alistar top to shut down DK Rasmus 'nesrilaS' Pedersen's Darius. Soon after SE Markus 'kottenx' Tingvall tried to gank top but because he was spotted, the Korean team counter-ganked and took two kills. KR Choi 'Locodoco' Yoon-sub managed to kill nesrilaS once more with an ult in tower range, while Mundo ganked bot and took out FR Anthony 'Antogyn' Giniers.

Na’Vi tried to respond with a gank top, which resulted with their first kill (on Urgot). Minutes later, he died once more while farming bot in a 1v1 fight with DE Victor 'Acer Citizen' Toll. The “come-back” didn’t last long as in the first team fight StarTale took 3 kills, only losing one. They wanted to secure their victory and went for baron. In a last attempt to turn things around Na’Vi tried to steal it with Ziggs and Graves ultimates but failed to do so. With the buff on themselves, StarTale made the gap between them and the other team even bigger and so they stormed Na’Vi’s base, taking their first victory in the group.

Winner: StarTale

KR CJ Entus vs EU Natus Vincere
Bans: CJ Entus: Alistar, Urgot, Shen – Na'Vi: Fiora, Vladimir, Draven

Picks CJ Entus: Graves, Skarner, Soraka, Anivia, Irelia

Picks Natus Vincere: Karthus, Nocturne, Malphite, Taric, Sivir

The two teams that were one game down fought for an early decision. A perfect condition for a good game... but who won?

Compared to Na'Vi's picks in the first game, this game's picks looked rather normal. Na'Vi showed off that they really wanted to not be counted out yet by an early firstblood, that was caused by a blue buff invasion. However, the early action was the only one, as the laning phase was rather passive. As the game went on, everyone was farming. Especially Karthus, who had an amazing farm advantage when the mid game began.

Some minutes had to pass until the action started on bot, where a gank from Nocturne backfired, due to a counter-gank. Later on Karthus had his time to shine, as Malphite and Nocturne failed their ultimates and Entus wanted to take advantage of it, but Karthus managed to zone everybody with his Defile combined with a flash. Overall it was an ace for Na'Vi, all thanks to Karthus' flash and a triple kill.

With Nocturne, Malphite and Taric alive Na'Vi tried to kill baron. However, they were not able to take it down and had to port back, while Entus respawned. They tried to get baron as quickly as possible, but Na'Vi already had moved in and Karthus once again showed off why he is on a pro team. Due to a quadra kill on Karthus and a single kill on Sivir Entus got aced and Na'Vi got a free baron.

With the help of baron Nashor Na'Vi shred through Entus' base, dove them and eventually finished the game.

Winner: Natus Vincere

Current Standings

1st - Xenics Storm 1W/0L

1st - StarTale 1W/0L

3rd - Natus Vincere 1W/1L

4th - CJ ENTUS 0W/2L

As we had some awesome games today, make sure not to miss day 2 of group C on Friday! If you want to take a quick look at the groups, check here.




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