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Astana Dragons drop CS:GO team

By Evgeni 'Zinnoc' Chardakov
Jan 1, 2014 20:35

ImageThe CIS-based squad dropped from Astana Dragons after more than five months of service.

Formed in July, UA Astana Dragons shocked the community by announcing that they are merging players from the former RU team, who were the first ever to defeat SE Ninjas in Pyjamas at LAN, and from the well known Ukrainian team UA Natus Vincere , in order to create a so called super team.

Despite the fact that the team managed to win some more matches against SE Emil 'HeatoN' Christensen's NiP team and to finish third at ESWC, Astana Dragons were unable to achieve what the community and the experts were expecting from them. Having disappointing results lately, even after the team decided to kick UA Ioan 'Edward' Sukhariev, who according to the team was not fitting their play style, and added former player UA Emil 'kucher' Akhundov, the team has now confirmed that they will no longer be representing Astana Dragons.

UA Sergey 'lmbt' Bezhanov, team manager of the CIS-based team stated the following:
"We regret to inform that we have left the Astana Dragons project. The decision was mutual, we are very grateful for the support that the organization gave us.

Sometimes we have had to face bitter experiences, but the team have decided to stay together, no matter what.

This is the beginning of something new. You will see us in 2014 with the same lineup, but with a different approach and with a new organization. Stay tuned…"

The last event for the CIS-based team under Astana Dragons' wings was SLTV StarSeries VIII, where they finished fourth. The team was also supposed to participate in the upcoming ESEA League finals in Dallas next year, but unfortunately will be unable to travel due to visa issues.

UA Astana Dragons had the following lineup:

Stay tuned at SK Gaming for updates.




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