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Wrapping up 2013

By Alexander T. 'TheSlaSH' Müller-Rodic
Dec 30, 2013 18:59

ImageIt’s this time of the year when you look back and realize how fast those 12 months have past. A lot has changed for us in 2013 with the arrival of the LCS. Next year our challenges will be different and we are in the process of getting ready for them as I write these lines.

Let’s walk through the list of announcements and news that you rightfully expect updates on. First of all we say good bye to Carlos aka Ocelote. The last years have been a blast with Oce and we wish him and his new team nothing but the best of luck for the future. We know he will keep on entertaining you guys out there and will play his heart out! See you on the other side of the playing field, man, and if your journey takes you to Cologne, get ready for some Squash lessons ;).
There has been a lot of rumors about it already and we hereby confirm the departure of another great player on our LoL roster. By tomorrow, the contract between SK and Patrick aka Nyph ends and so does the journey we had together. It also marks the end of the 'explosive German Bot Lane' as Nyph moves on to join forces with Alliance for the upcoming LCS season.

We are thankful to Patrick for taking on the challenge to build that team that reclaimed the LCS spot in our promotion match. He has put a lot of effort into this project and became a true friend of the organization, a hall of famer by heart! Keep it up, Nyph, one day, when you pass on this recipe, I will cook dem Spätzle for you.
This also tears a hole into our line-up. No worries, we have been on it since mid December and currently have three prospects to sign as our new support for 2014.
Next in line is the mighty Boss Toss from Korea, our very own Min Chul aka MC. It is time for both, SK and MC, to move on and see what the future holds. The last couple of years have been great fun not only for you guys out there, but also for us, working with this very special personality. The community said SK was too late to the SC2 party. The Boss Toss proved all of them out there wrong. We did not need 10 players to make a point, we needed just one: MC. Wonderful moments along his career marked our path together and we are thankful to you, Boss! Keep on amazing the community!

Last but not least we want to thank Bruce aka Spank, our FIFA world champion. We do have a great FIFA history and Bruce kept on writing this book together with us by adding the ESWC and FIWC title to our collection. We are sure you will be ready for the 2014 FIWC tournament and wish you the best of luck. Merci!

Image All of the above does not mark the end of SK Gaming as it did in 2004, 2005 and so on according to the community. It does the opposite. One door closes, another one opens. We as in SK are more than thrilled to walk through those new doors and are happy for the opportunities we have. We will reveal more and more in the upcoming weeks for sure, no worries.

I want to take this opportunity and thank our partners. I can say for sure that it has never been more fun working with all of you. You challenge us day in day out and help us to get better. You trust us by signing long term with us and we are thrilled to prove your trust in us! Without our partners, all of the excitement in eSports that SK Gaming is a big part of would not be possible at all.

Last but not least, I want to thank all of you fans out there. It was quite a year and you stuck with us through all the drama, through all the tough moments. You helped us get back up when we were down, you cheered us up and you celebrated with us like no other. Every time I look back and realize how much energy we gain from you, I am totally amazed! Thanks!!

With all of that being said, we hope you had some great days with your families and loved ones. All the best for 2014!

Watch the video below for Nyph's statement on his past in SK and the departure:



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