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Startale absorbs ZeNEX

By Mat 'Clamev' L
Jul 16, 2012 01:30

ImageAfter continuing issues with finding sponsors, Startale's head coach and general manager had to think about the future of team ZeNEX and announced today that they will merge with Startale.

According to an article on the Korean site ThisIsGame ZeNEX will merge with the Startale team.

ZeNEX had ongoing difficulties attracting sponsors in the past, despite being able to produce such amazing talents as Byun, Genius, Puzzle and Taeja, who have left ZeNEX because of this.

After the partnership with Team Legion in May this year, it does not seem like the situation got any better, which causes the merging with Startale to be necessary.

The players Startale will acquire are:
KR Kim ´Avenge´ Nam Joon
KR Park 'Extreme' Joon Sung
KR Hwang "Sparta" Wi Jin
KR Seung Hyun 'Life' Lee
KR Soo Ho 'SuHoSin' Kim
KR Ju "Harrier" Han Jin
KR Park "Pet" Nam Kyu
KR Kim "Brain" Dong Gyu



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