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Templar Assassin joins Dota 2

By Samuel 'DarthBotto' Horton
Jul 13, 2012 06:08

ImageThe Dota 2 hero pool increases by one with this week's update, as Templar Assassin makes her transition over to the upcoming Valve-developed sequel.

Lanaya, the Templar Assassin, now joins the implemented roster of Dota 2, bringing with her an array of abilities assured to add to the meta game that has persisted without her thus far. Templar Assassin is a long-standing agility hero trademarked for her keen stealth and trapping skills. Templar Assassin is a jungler and ganker designed with mid to high-end players in mind, as although she can be a devastating combatant, she can be brought down in health at a rapid rate.

Her first ability, Refraction, grants Templar Assassin with protection from six instances of damage, while also providing her with 80 additional damage. Her second ability, Meld, allows her to remain invisible for an infinite amount of time, while providing her with 200 bonus damage and an eight-second debuff for attacking a unit within range. Her third ability, Psi Blades, allows Templar Assassin to become a ranged attacker, with her target's surroundings suffering equivalent splash damage. Templar Assassin's ultimate is Psionic Trap, which casts an explosive and vulnerable trap that may be placed multiple times and activated by remote detonation.

In addition to Templar Assassin, there have been several new features implemented in the latest patch. Templar Assassin, Disruptor and Undying have been implemented in Captain's Mode. In addition, those who have made arrangements to attend The International will receive detailed emails soon, which will include instructions for entry. Said tournament will begin on August 31st. With the addition of Templar Assassin, the hero pool for Dota 2 has expanded to 86 heroes, with 22 remaining, in regards to the current hero pool for DotA.

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