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SK|Blackk Answers

By Brian 'qntm' Krämer
Jul 12, 2012 22:45

ImageOver the past few days, you had the chance to ask our Call of Duty Pro Ellis 'Blackk' Strouthos every question you wanted. Here are the answers on your questions.

Although being one of the best AR players in Europe, not many people really recognize or rate Ellis 'Blackk' Strouthos. Nor have their been many interviews with him, thus we decided to make a Q&A with him to give you the chance to get to know him a bit better. This meant that you had the opportunity to ask him questions about himself, Modern Warfare 3 or everything else. Ellis sat down to answer all of them. Follow him on Twitter and on Facebook!

What's your favorite map of all Call of Duties?

"My most favorite map would have to be Crash from COD 4.
It was brilliant for SND and made for some great domination games."

What was the feeling like finishing 5th at XP?

"Finishing 5th at CODXP was unreal to say the least. When starting the competition I really did not think how well we would do. After playing the first few games I then started to believe we could do well. We gained motivation which was needed. Mainly though it was quite surreal to even qualify for the tournament and then finish with such a high placement. Winning
that amount of money for playing Call of Duty I believe is unreal and I'm very thankful that I got the opportunity.
When we were singing the contract to say we had won 70,000 dollars as a team I just could not believe what I was reading. I was just laughing in my head that I had won over £10,000 from a single tournament. It's got to be one of the best feelings to know that you have secured a substantial amount of money that has helped me with uni fees and general life. But to answer your question it was amazing."

Which event did you enjoyed most of all?

"CODXP would have to be the best event I've ever been to. The sheer scale of it was incredible and to play for that amount of money was unheard of. The tournament was so exciting to play as you had so much to play for and every kill meant a win or a loss. Not only was the tournament great but also being able to get a free trip to L.A. and explore the state was great. I love America, so being able to go for free was brilliant. Both aspects of this event was the best I've ever been to and maybe ever will be.

I would also have to mention MLG. I'm very lucky to have been one of the few people that have gone to MLG to compete on Call of duty. This event was just on another scale compared to EU events. The scale, the organization, the sponsors and the players are all on another level. Also being able to stay in Orlando for five days was another great factor. Again competing in a massive tournament and going to America again was just madness. These two events are the best I've ever been to."

Would you prefer a cod without aa?

"Yes as it would mean gun skill would play a big factor within the game. You would then have to rely on team skill, your mind and your aim. This would truly show the best players within the game."

Do you think that console gaming will be big as PC gaming already is in the future?

"I think console gaming is growing at a fast rate and especally over the last few years. Console could be just as big as PC one day but it's many years behind. Games like Starcraft and LoL will always dominate console games meaning PC will be bigger. Hopefully though, console will catch up and be just as big. Most console gamers are aiming for this."

Why do you play a COD series on console as opposed to the far superior PC ;) ?

"I got an xbox as my mates had them I just started playing Call of duty. I always saw PC gaming to be expensive as I thought you had to keep upgrading your machine to be able to play the new games, when with an xbox this didn't matter. Yes the graphics etc are better on PC but I didn't have the money back in the day. After a while I was so far into competitive COD and I loved it so much that I didn't see the need to change. Yes PC is more skillful but when you have been playing competitive console as long as I have your not going to change."

Why do you sit so weird while playing?

"Not sure why I sit weird, I just sit in the chair and it just happens. It's not a comfortable position at all but I can't help but do it. I do love the fact that people know it's me when they see me sitting like that and at every event somebody has to ask why. Even at MLG I had a few people come over
just to watch me play like I do. I don't advise sitting like it though."

How many hours do you train a week?

"As a team we try to play about 4 times a week. Some days we put about 4-5 hours in when other maybe only 2. We believe having a schedule is the most important thing as using your time correctly is the key. You can sit and play all day but if you do not use your time right then playing for hours on end will not mean anything. "

Have you tried CS:GO? Do you like it?

"I have played CS:Go and I do like it. I'm not very good at PC gaming as I don't have the time to play. But I have been playing CS:S for years with mates, but yes I'm still bad. I've not played it on console yet but I'm excited to see if it's any good as I would like to see another game played instead of COD as I believe COD is not a skillful game anymore. Hopefully though, CS:GO will be good as I do love the counter strike series. "

What kind of music do you prefer ?

"I mainly listen to indie, alternative rock as I like fast paced music. But I listen to little bits of everything like house, dance, garage. There is some music I hate and that is rap and grime. Find it very annoying."

Why is one of your nicknames kebab? :D

"The kebab comment started from a few players in the community because I'm half Greek. I guessed it's just spread and my teammates say it all the time now. Yes it's annoying but I don't really mind as it is quite funny. Hopefully it won't spread anymore after you have read this!"

Do you play any different style games ?

"I play a lot of games, but I do enjoy FPS and racing games mainly. I don't get a lot of time to play other games as I just play COD. I play LoL quite a bit and used to play BF3. FPS games are what I started on and been playing the for as long as I can remember. So I would say that's my favorite genre."

Do you have any kinds of idols?

"I don't have idols now but I more have targets if that makes sense. I always look at other players in the community that I want be better than as I know they are better than me.
I make it my goal to try and learn how they play and take what I can from their style of play. This motivates me to become a better player and is almost like a personal goal to prove that I'm the best."



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