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Is League of Legends Taking Over?

By J 'JammeH' M
Jul 12, 2012 11:56 have produced a short interesting analysis article about the popularity of League of Legends. Read on for a small preview of the article.

While League of Legends is clearly becoming one of the most played games, despite the endless frustrations of solo queue, trolls and emo kids, has partnered with XFire to get some clarity on how popular the game actually is.

Without spoiling the fun, here is a sneak peak of the article:

While X-fire might not be the best barometer of popularity as a guideline it's probably not half bad and right now the stats suggest that League of Legends is the most popular PC game in the world.

That's what a report in Forbes has published today has stated and certainly the evidence is quite compelling.

The article includes the top ten games played while using xFire and the number of hours played of each game.

For the full article by Richard Lewis, check out Cadred.Org - LoL The Most Played PC Game?



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