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Prototype: "feel as if MLG were to pick [Halo 4] up"

By Brian 'qntm' Krämer
Jul 12, 2012 12:06

ImageMatthew 'Prototype' Martinez is not only a player under the flag of fnatic, but also one of the MLG Halo Pros. In an short interview he told us his first thoughts on Halo 4 and what to expect from it. Will we see Halo back in the Pro Circuit of Major League Gaming or not?

Known for his incredible sniping ability, Matthew 'Prototype' Martinez is no stranger in the Halo community. His dedication and hard work on the MLG circuit have lead him and his teammates to incredible successes and a desire for more. We sat down with the college student to discuss a little gaming and what he expects for the future of Halo 4.

Some would say the past years have been a slight bump in the road for the Halo series and its competitiveness, what is your opinion on this?

"Ya, I'd have to agree with this statement but I think it's honestly just the creators of the games. I think they're trying to make it to noob friendly and trying to be like other games like for instance Halo is trying to mirror Call of Duty."

You got to attend the most recent E3, can you tell us a little about your trip?

"Yeah. I did get to attend E3 and it was my third time being there so I kind of knew what to expect, except this time I was being able to test the new Halo which I can say was pretty awesome. If you want to know what my trip to E3 was like just check out this video."

You were one of the first pros to get your hands on the multiplayer portion of Halo 4, how was it?

"I actually only got to play the new Halo 4 once because I wasn't 21 and couldn't attend the exhibition but from the time I played it, I can honestly say that it felt like an actual Halo. I had a ton of fun just playing it. Everything felt good and I feel as if MLG were to pick it up and tweak the settings it would bring back the competitive scene for Halo."

What do you think will be in store for the future of Halo 4 and the competitiveness of the series.

"As long as there are ranks in Halo 4 I feel as if Halo will be revived and people will want to play it. That's what makes people want to compete being able to show the other guy that you're better than them rather it be a number or a skill rating like LoL and then being able to compete against other people who have made it to the same level and are the same skill competing at a top level. This is why I think Starcraft is a perfect competitive game just because there's always little things that can be perfected or could potentially cost a game, the skill gap in that game is just insane, I know personally. I don't think I'd be able to do that."

Were there any titles there that you were particularly interested in outside of Halo?

"Actually always been into all games so I actually had my eyes on Rising Nation, Lord of the Rings LOL type game and DOA. I played all those games and I can't wait for them to come out."

Thanks for taking some time with us today to share some thoughts, any last words or shout outs?

"Like to announce that I'm doing one last montage for Reach before the game is over, also make sure to follow me on twitter and stay tuned for my huge giveaway that I will be having. Then just a shout out to my sponsor Fnatic."



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