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in2LoL interviews Nyph

By Grigoris 'CaveMan800' Solos
Jul 10, 2012 19:07

ImageAfter the dramatic fifth game versus Moscow 5, our own Nyph sat down with in2LoL's Novacaine_One for an interview. Nyph talked about SK's lineup changes, Candy Panda and answered a few quick questions.

Whoever loses at the game, wins at the interviews! After the close defeat from RU Moscow Five , DE Patrick 'Nyph' Funke got interviewed by in2LoL and discussed a few interesting things with Novacaine_One. Here is a sample of what they discussed:

There were a lot of changes going on recently. CandyPanda and Dedrayon left the team and YoungBuck is now officially the new top lane. You're still looking for a jungler. How is the atmosphere in the team now?

"The atmosphere is really great and everyone is absolutely motivated to do their best. We're preparing as much as possible for the ECC in Warsaw and the Regional Finals for Europe at the gamescom. I don't want to talk too much about a new jungler since that's a bit of a secret."

You've been playing the bot lane with CandyPanda for quite a long time very successfully. Now this time has come to an end when Candy decided to leave SK. How do you feel about that loss and what were the reasons you didn't move on with him?

"I personally was very disappointed but we had to change something because the team didn't get along with each other so well anymore. To be honest, I didn't really like Ocelote that much in the beginning but I stayed, because SK was the opportunity to play competitively. By the time I really started to like Oce and right now he's a really good friend of mine. I also like Kevin a lot and I think he's one of the greatest players ever. I especially wanted to stick to them because playing with them increases the chances to qualify for the Season 2 Final. This supported my decision not to leave the team with CandyPanda. I really enjoyed the time with Candy and we still are very good friends but decisions had to be made."

Getting into the Top 3 is something that's not that easy. How much effort and training does it take to prepare perfectly for offline tournaments?

"We're definitely going to do a bootcamp about a week before the Gamescom. This way we can improve alot and adapt ourselves to each other's play styles. We're, of course, trying to do team practice every day and attend as many tournaments as possible to be able to mess with the best teams in Europe. We really have a tight schedule until Warsaw and that's going to be the perfect preparation."

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