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Pub Masters Finals Summary & An Interview With Rapha

By Kent 'Osan' Gruber
Jul 10, 2012 04:49

ImageThis past Sunday’s tournament was filled with hours and hours of Quake Live action spanning from TDM, to CTF, and even Duel. The following is a summary of Squ1rrely’s Pub Masters Pre-Qcon Finals featured this past Sunday where our very own Shane 'Rapha' Hendrixson was able to win all three events.


FINAL 1: Roof shows 8X who is dominant

The Final for CTF featured this past Sunday was between Roof. and 8X was crazy. Roof., a super-star team featured the best in North American Quake Live talent: Rapha, id_, Whaz, and Dahang. 8X featured the best they had to offer to try and combat the powerhouse: Staind, Avenged, Br1ck, and Fear.

First map: Close, but not quite for 8X

Image The first map for the CTF finals turned out to be ironworks, a bit of a surprise to be honest: Both Roof. and 8X tried to set up early to take position on something and both turned out to be rather successful, trading the first power up, a regen, but nothing could be done with it. But, Roof. didn’t need a regen as Whaz pulled off a 9second flag run across the middle, as he had done before during the semifinals brining a 1:0 score in favor of Roof. in the first two minutes. As the next regeneration spawned, Dahang handed it off to Rapha who took it into 8X’s base to touch the flag, rocketing out of the base, but being shut down as everyone from 8X spammed him just enough. Fear from 8X nearly got away with Roof.’s flag a minute later but with just a subtle mess-up in his movement out of base, Roof. brought him to his knees 4 minutes in the game. 2 more minutes passed andid_ looked as though he was going to cap, but was fragged just a mere second before capping by Avenged. After stopping id_, Avenged was able to scoop up the flag out from under Roof. and bring it back for a cap to tie up the game 1:1. At the 10 minute mark both teams got a touch on the flag, but no cap was able to come out of it due to the strong defense on both sides. 2 minutes later Brick nearly got away with a cap, but Rapha was able to take down the run with a bit of health left to his name. Within the next minute id_ was able to get the flag ,but by the same token, Avenged was able to get Roof.’s flag. The flag was passed off to Rapha, and from Rapha to Dahang. Both teams flag carriers were able to sit nice and pretty for the next minute, able to stack up in their own base – but Roof.’s pressure was able to take down 8X’s flag carrier and Dahang was able to cap to bring the score to a well-earned 2:1 lead. The last regen power up would have to be 8X’s savior, but Whaz was able to take control of it and that would be it for Ironworks with a score of 2:1.

Second map: Double quad, double trouble

Image The second map chosen was Japanese Castles, another map in favor of Roof.: The first quads spawned went in favor of Roof. who took control of it, but no cap was made out of it. After three minutes, Roof. made the first cap after they were able to secure yet another double quad. At 5 minutes, Avenged was able to get across mid with the flag only to be shut down by Whaz. At 6 minutes, Roof. was able to cap yet again as id_ brought the flag to Whaz who brought it to Dahang in base, who was able to finally bring it home. However, 8X had something to say about it, bringing it to a tie game in under a minute at the 9 minute mark. But, Roof. was able to get it together to bring their own two impressive caps to take the lead with a score of 4:2 before getting a double quad to cap once again for a 5:2 score line with only 5 minutes left for 8X to come back. After capping once again, Roof. secured the win on Japanese castles with a score of 6:2.

Third map: 8X couldn't hold mid

Image The third map came down to Spider Crossings: With an early push by 8X in mid, Roof. shut it down to reset the control of mid early on. The first quad went to 8X, but the quad couldn’t do anything and it made a world of difference to Roof. as Dahang made his way to cap within the first 2 minutes. The game took a rail heavy turn in the lower-parts of both bases until it was finally cleared out for Whaz to make a move, only to end up being shut down before the quad which went to 8X, who, after picking up a regen, was able to pick up the flag and move across before being shut down by Rapha and Dahang’s excellent defense. At the 6 minute mark, Whaz was able to make it acorss mid with just 38 health before nearly getting taken out by Avenged who made the move with lg, but just couldn’t do it as Whaz brought the score to 2:0. It wouldn’t be all easy for Roof., though, as Rapha made his way out of 8X’s base with flag he was popped up by a teammate’s rocket, and with only 1 hp, cratered and 8X was able to recover the flag by the skin of their teeth. At 12 minutes Whaz was able to make up for that mistake by sneaking out of 8X’s base and capping the flag to make the score 3:0. 8X had a valiant effort with some “junk rushes” that got out toward mid, but there ended up being no solid pushes from the team as a whole, even losing some crucial power up grabs to boot. Within the last minute, Roof. brought one more flag cap to win the series and the $200.


FINAL 2: The dynamic duo are knocked down, but get back up

The Final for TDM featured this past Sunday was between Whaz and id_ against the dynamic duo of Rapha and Zero4. It was no surprise to see these four players in the final to pretty much anyone who knows something about Quake Live TDM. Both teams met and the finals and didn't hold anything back.

First map: The dynamic duo couldn't pull through

Image The first map of the finals would be Furious Heights: This map surely would be nothing like the semifinals. The first quad would shut down early and within the first minute the score would be 4:0, in favor of Rapha and Zero4. The next quad would begin with a score of 8:5 in favor of Rapha and Zero4, but would be shut down and then almost surprisingly id_ and Whaz would tie it up in the first three minutes showing Rapha and Zero4 that it won’t be like their last game against SeXy. The next quad would be easily taken by Whaz, taking down Rapha, then Rapha again after the spawn before grabbing a mega and taking down another freshly spawned Rapha to take the lead with a 26:12 score. The next quadrun would be by Zero4, but it wouldn’t be enough for the dynamic duo and would leave them behind with a score of 37:16. The next quad would thankfully fall into the hands of Rapha and Zero4 again, but they would still be behind after losing a crucial mega health to bring the score to 38:24 in favor of id_ and Whaz – it still wouldn’t be over yet. Zero4 got the next quad, but id_ landed two beautiful rails to reset map control for both teams. The next quad was able to go to id_ and with only one kill with it, he was taken down by Rapha, but it still remained a close came with a score of 44:34 and plenty of time to come back. Before the next quad, Rapha and Zero4 were able to bring the score close enough to make it a 3 frag game of 46:43 in favor of id_ and Whaz. A few minutes later Rapha and Zero4 were able to take the lead with a score of 49:47. Despite that, id_ took the quad and after some devastating aim, id_ and whaz lunged into the lead with a score of 55:50. They would keep the lead before the quad run of Zero4 who was able to shut him down with under a minute to go Rapha called gg as the remaining seconds went by. The game ended 69:55 in id_ and Whaz’s favor.

Second map: Won't go down without a fight

Image The second map ended up being Campgrounds, a map Rapha and Zero4 were able to secure before, but, they would lose the first quad, but were able to take the lead within the first minute with a score of 6:4. Zero4 and Rapha were able to keep the lead with a score of 12:6, but lost the second quad. Despite losing a crucial quad damage power up, they were able to shut it down at red armor and secure a score 15:6 a second after. Things would get sloppy for id_ and Whaz after a team kill, and after the first quad run for Rapha for the game, the dynamic duo would hold the lead with a score of 27:5. They continued to secure their lead and took the next quad with little to show from id_ and whaz with a 32:9 score line 7 minutes into the game. At the halfway point, Rapha and Zero4 kept the lead despite id_ and whaz’s diligence with a score of 47:13. 13 minutes in the game, Whaz was able to get a clean grab on a quad and rush around the map to finally snipe down zero4 before being blindsided by Rapha with the shotgun to take Whaz down, crushing the hard work of Whaz and id_ to get them stacked enough. But, with that momentum id_ and Whaz were able to get another quad out from under Rapha and zero4, but it would lead to basically nothing with a solid score of 64:27, 15 minutes into campground, in favor of the dynamic duo. Rapha and Zero4 would end the game with a win of 90:40.

Third map: The dynamic duo pull it off

Image Bloodrun ended up being the final map for the TDM finals, a rather odd choice: Within the first minute and some rather odd exchanged, a quad in the hands of id_, Rapha and Zero4 take the lead with a score 7:6, but lose the following mega to Whaz who earned some needed kills for him and Id_ to bring the score 15:7. Little would change in the following minutes with a 16:13 score line at the 5 minute mark before quad. Zero4 was able to take control of the quad to bring the score to 18:17 in favor of the dynamic duo. With the next quad and following red armor, two kills, a mega and then another two kills, ha and Zero4 took a major lead of 30:19. The next quadrun would be a similar story with Zero4 brining the score to 40:23. At the 12 minute mark, id_ and Whaz were able bring it into a mere 10 frag difference with a score of 42:32, but in Rapha and Zero4’s favor. Despite that, Zero4 was able to get the next quad and a mega to boot to have a 52:34 lead at the 14 minute mark. Whaz and id_ tried to make something happen, and it wasn’t impossible, but Zero4 and Rapha were just too powerful and too motivated for the $150. The game ended 83:48, in favor of the dynamic duo of Rapha and Zero4.


FINAL 3: The dynamic duo duel it out

The Final for Duel featured this past Sunday was between the world champion Shane 'Rapha' Hendrixson against his mentor, John 'Zero4' Hill. After just coming off the TDM win with each other, they quickly switched gears to fave each other for the $150 and a Fatal1ty Intel Extreme Motherboard “signed by Fatal1ty himself.

First map: Rapha sets the tone

Image The first map for the Duel Finals turned out to be Bloodrun: Rapha got a decent spawn, but was pushed off the second Red Armor and Mega Health within the first minute giving Zero4 the lead for the first two minutes, only to lose out on the mega health and following Red Armor to Rapha. With his new stack, Rapha was able to blindside Zero4 with lg at the plasma yellow armor before following up with the last bit of lg on Zero4 to take the lead at 3 minutes 1:0. At the following mega health, Zero4 was able to rail rapha, and not able ot challenge for the Red Armor and the following mega health with enough time for Rapha to get a clean Red Armor. Coming out Rocket Portal, Rapha took out Zero4, only to be taken down by Zero4 a few seconds later. However, Rapha knew he could catch out Zero4 at red armor, able ot take him down and within the next minute. After getting into a groove Rapha followed up with two extra kills and at 7 minutes held a score line of 6:1. With the next Red Armor, Rapha caught Zero4 again out, but enough damage was done by Zero4 to spawn by rail and then bring the score 7:2 before being able to get another kill, but his moment being shut down with a face rocket and another kill by Rapha to end the game 8:3.

Second map: Not able to shut down Rapha

Image The next Map to begin was Toxcicity: Rapha started off at Red Armor and Zero4 at Mega Health. After coming from behind Zero4 before the red armor spawns, coming back around, and then catching zero4 in the air, Rapha was able to take the lead. Within the next few seconds, Rapha was able to bring the score to 4:0 before the two minute mark. Within the next minute, Zero4 kept rushing Rapha, but rapha was able to land all the damage he needed to bring the score 9:0 in his favor. Rapha’s 3 steps ahead story remained true for the following minutes, continuing to destroy Zero4 and at the halfway mark rapha had a lead of 12:0. Finally at 6 minutes Rapha made a mistake at mega health and Zero4 was finally able to make it on the board only to follow up with a spawn kill to make the score 15:2. Zero4 kept up the pressure, but couldn’t pull off a 2010 Hektik comeback and the game ended 15:9 in favor of Rapha.

Third map: Zero4's pressure pays off

Image Both players jumped right into the next map, Hektik: Within the first few second, Zero4 took the lead 1:0, but as Zero4 jumped down for Mega, Rapha let him have some LG, following up for another kill, and then another to bring the score to 3:1 in favor of Rapha. But, Zero4 wouldn’t let up and the score quickly tied up with a few rails until Rapha showed Zero4 that he isn’t dkt and brought the score 5:3. With Rapha in the lead, Zero4 did some serious damage and brought 3 frags of his own and took the lead 6:5 and as he dominated the top area brought his score up 9:5. Rapha tried to retaliate and kept being shut down, until finally getting a kill out of it. But, the truth is, Rapha couldn’t hit his shaft and kept falling to Zero4 and the score quickly began to slip from him as Zero4 held a lead of 17:9. With 3 minutes left, Zero4 began to lose positioning but still manages to shut down Rapha 20:13.

Fourth map: Zero4 on a roll

Image The fourth map turned out to be Furious Heights: The initial spawns were even, and Zero4 was able to grab two red armors, and then a mega health after being incredibly confused and not taking it for a good few seconds as he looked for rapha who was nowhere to be seen. The next collision at Mega health, Rapha was there and Zero4 was able to secure it, then the following Red armor after taking down Rapha to take the lead 1:0. 3 minutes in the game, Rapha was caught out at Red Armor brining the score 2:0 in favor of Zero4 right before Zero4 landing a beautiful rocket to rail to bring it to 3:0. But, Rapha was able to turn it around 5 minutes into the game to make the score 3:2, with Rapha in control to take control at the 6 minute mark. Despite taking control, Zero4 was able to stack up on some yellows, and then a crucial red armor to tie it up at the 7 minute mark. Rapha was able to take it back a minute later only to be plasma’d to death for Zero4 to tie it up again and within the last minute Zero3 was able to take down Rapha a few more times to end 8:4 in favor of Zero4.

Fourth map: Zero4 loses it... literally

Image The fifth and final map was decided to be Aerowalk: Right off the spawn Rapha was able to get ahold a mega health and a yellow armor and Zero4 a red armor. Rapa was able to blindside zero4 before the next red armor spawn, but only to lose out on mega health which would come back to haunt him as Zero4 pushes and ties the score up. Despite that, Rapha was able to get a few more kills to secure a 5:1 score 2 minutes into the game. Rapha remained in charge for the following minutes even with Zero4 connecting with some amazing rails and at the 5 minute mark the score was at 12:2. Zero4 continued to aggress on Rapha, trying to do something until Zero4 eventually called it quits 7 minutes into the game for Rapha to take the series, $150, and a Fatal1ty Intel Extreme Motherboard “signed by Fatal1ty.


Interview after winning every event in the tournament

After winning the duel event, Rapha won every-single event of the Pub Masters Pre-Qcon Tournament sponsored by Pub Masters' very own Squ1rrely and the famous Fatal1ty. Following the three wins Rapha decided to partake in an interview with Jehar and friends who had been casting the entire event.

Fear: Yeah, man, so you won all three events; 2v2 TDM was looking a little grim there with the first map going to id_ and Whaz. What’re your thoughts on how that was going so far and ya’know going into the second map; what were you and John(Zero4) talking about as far as your game style is?

"Rapha: Oh, that’s a good question! Going into that map, we knew that was our weakest map before, and we knew that our focus needed to be taking away rail from them, which we failed to do; and time and time again, Whaz and id_ just kept hitting clutch rails when they had to on t7, to ya’ know, turn the control, and just kept racking up kills. And they were doing a real good job of sweeping through the areas together and how they were moving around the map. So, we were looking at, like, “Hey, we’re not as comfortable on that map, we played as well as we could,” and just looked at the next map and played dm6 (campgrounds) which we’re really comfortable on and we went from there and put in a really solid performance. We seemed to play really well together on that map, and then ZTN (bloodrun) was the same. It was really close in the beginning, but once we got that control we really started to help each other out in battles and communicating. So, I was really happy how we played the last two games, and obviously I was impressed how Whaz and id_ played the first map. "

Jehar: The CTF was just fantastic, a lot of really good stuff; I’ve been enjoying the fact that you’ve been playing with Dahang and ‘crew’, and a lot of us have actually been wondering if it’s kind’a confirmed that the four of you will be playing as a roster at Quake con.

"Rapha: As of right now, Yes; that can be confirmed right now. "

Jehar: Squ1rrely said that this is a good way to get some ‘data’ on the current status of players. What’re your thoughts on all that?

"Rapha: I’m just sad again that they didn’t announce it again in a enough time, because, a lot of people won’t be able to go. "

Jehar: Well, it’s quake con.

"Rapha: I know, but I mean, despite everyone saying, “oh, that’s quake con,” and stuff like that: the tournament last year had no hiccups, there were no delays, and it was the smoothest that they ever ran it. "

Jehar: Technically it didn’t have enough hiccups, because we ran out of games to broadcast. Haha.

"Rapha: Haha. Yeah, I mean that’s just how it is. I’m going to be very interested to see if they go back to double elimination for their tournament or whether they’re going to stick with group stage again for 1v1, and then, of course, we’re all hoping for CTF, and yeah, I think there will be some exciting games there this year. You’ll obviously have some powerhouse Europeans that will show up, I just don’t know how many will show up for team games now."

Jehar: Yeah, that’s always something difficult to coordinate. – It’s been obvious that you guys have been able to play a significant amount with each other, the teamwork was looking really ‘clicky’ and I’ve actually, for all the teams during the tournament, seen the teams perform a lot better than I anticipated for teams that were essentially thrown together not too long ago. But, there has been a lot of activity this year for quake live: A lot of the community cups, things like this, things what Zotac has been doing overseas, and you’ve been active in a whole lot of those. So, there’s been a more grass roots focus on Quake Live tournaments lately, but has that affected you much at all?

"Rapha: Well, my connection is very inconsistent. So, having to play all the online tournaments, it’s been a little difficult. But, today, fortunately, it was one of the few days in the last month where it’s just smooth pretty much the whole day. It’s just one of those fortunate instances. I like the fact there is the availability for these online tournaments, and when I can play, I will. It’s nice to know I can get into the swing of things before Dreamhack or quake con, just get back into that tournament mode and tournament atmosphere. Because, if you haven’t been playing for a while, and you haven’t been playing under a tournament setting, ya’know once you get to LAN, you still get a bit nervous. It’s nice to be able to break that in while playing online a little bit. I think that’ll defiantly help going into Quake con. I really appreciate the tournament today. It’s a crazy amount of quake, but it was stll a lot of fun. "

Jehar: And there was a lot leading up to it, of course; not as much of it was aired. But, Target Quake (of Easy Target TV) did a really great job of covering a lot of the stuff beforehand, a lotta good coverage there. But, yeah, tournament like this, multiple modes, makes for a hell of a lot of work on the day of. But, it means a lot of coverage, and a lot of excitement for Quake Live; and it doesn’t need to come from Intel. That’s very nice. Now, I wonder how things will look after Quake Con or how 2013 is going to look for Quake Live, and things of that nature. Are you going to be sticking around for as long as online tournaments are going?

"Rapha: I mean, if I’ve got time I’ll play in some here or there. It’s always fun to play, but, I’m not really sure what’s going to happen next year as far as Quake Live is concerned. How many tournaments there will be, and it’s just, it’s in a bit of down-slide obviously because there is only going to be three tournaments this year. I mean, the only way there is going to be a fourth is if --- UGC is held and if Stermy puts Quake Live I nit where it’s held. And there are rumors it will be held around the winter time or the fall."

Jehar: I potentially baited question.. but, is there anything you’re looking to go into?

"Rapha: Uhhh… as of the moment, I’m not going to answer that question. Haha. "

Fear: Shootmania! God, you suck.

Jehar: Yeah. Ya’ know, it had to be asked.

"Rapha: That’s all right. "

Fear: Do you really think, as far as Stermy goes, while we’re still on that topic; how do you feel maybe him showing up to Quake con. Is he actually going to show up, or as far as his whole shoot mania run as been going for the past few months here?

"Rapha: It just depends. I dunno, if he feels confident that he can get a CTF team together, then he’ll probably help some of them there and they’ll play. But, other than that I don’t know. I really doubt that he’ll play in the duel, because I don’t think it’s enough time for his standards to be able to prepare for a tournament. So, if he went, he’d probably only be playing in the team tournament like last year where he just focused on TDM. So, yeah, and if he doesn’t, it’s totally understandable. He’s focusing on Shootmania, and it’s Quake Con. There’s probably going to be more money at Quake Con then all the Shootmania tournaments he’s won so far. It’s up to him to decide whether he wants to go for it or not. "

Jehar: Well, the pool hasn’t been announce yet, but I would hope it would be fairly sizable.

"Rapha: Yeah, I mean would assume so. Like, I don’t think it’s going to be as big as it was two years ago amd three years ago, because they went from having $14,000 for first place and drop down to $8,000 last year. Ya’know, it’s a pretty big drop. As far as the team prizes are concerned, I’m not really sure. I thought it was little more last year, but, I mean ya’ never know what it will be this year. "

Fear: Last question I was going to ask, you are expected to play with Roof., as far as the duel tournament, it should be played as it always has. To be comfortable playing coming off after the Dreamhack win in terms of preparation and opponents?

"Rapha: Of course, I’m going to have to look out for Cypher again; it’s always him or myself that have won. So, I mean, as long as he is there we’ll see if that streak continues. And he’ll obviously be looking for a rematch in the finals. The other people I’d say I would look out for would be, like, Dahang, he’ll be in shape because he’ll be playing CTF all the time, and if Zero4 can keep aiming as he has been online, he’s going to be a really tough opponent on LAN. I dunno, but, as I have said, I have mad respect for all the players for all the players, so I just really try to look at what their strengths and weaknesses are and don’t take them lightly. The last thing I need to do is take them lightly and give them some advantage they don’t deserve. I have to make sure they earn it and I try to play my best."

Jehar: Awesome. The lesson is respect your opponents, otherwise they will destroy you.

"Rapha: Yeah, pretty much. "

Jehar: At first I thought you were going with a nice pat on the back, we’re all in this together, we’re all on the same boat enjoying the same game, and now you went straight for the throat. I respect them so I can destroy them. Haha.

"Rapha: Haha. Well, I respect them so I am not destroyed."

Squ1rrely: So, what’re you going to do with the money?

Fear: He’s going to buy Diabl III and waste it on a really high-class bow.

"Rapha: It will probably be Quake Con food money right there. "

Fear: Well, you’re buying me something when we first get there.

Squ1rrely: and my last question is, are you going to still teabag people at Quake Con?

"Rapha: I dunno, we’ll see. Only if you uphold your end of the deal – which mums the word right now. "

Squ1rrely: Teabag cooler or some of those guys and I’ll be happy.

Jehar: In game… right?

"Rapha: As long as it doesn’t got me a game."

Jeahr: Haha.

Fear: Haha, bro, the time it took you tea bag him it’s negative 200 damage.

Jehar: No time for tea bagg’n.

"Rapha: Well, thank you for throwing the tournament and what not, and you guys have a great night. "

Jehar: You too man, have a good one.

Squ1rrely: Thanks Shane.



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