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Pub Masters Semifinals Summary

By Kent 'Osan' Gruber
Jul 10, 2012 03:53

ImageA summary of Squ1rrely’s Pub Masters Pre-Qcon Semifinals featured this past Sunday before the highly anticipated Grand Finals.


SEMIFINAL 1: Roof takes on S4M

The Semifinal for CTF featured this past Sunday was between Roof. and S4M. Roof.'s team could easily be considered a super-star team featuring the very best in North American Quake Live talent: Rapha, id_, Whaz, and Dahang. However, S4M's roster was also comprised of the impressive: Adrenal1ne, KlaovhwN, Vizared and W0nk0.

First map: Roof relentless

Image The first map between these two teams was Japanese Castles: 3 minutes into the match, S4M’s very own Andrelen1ne was able to cap thanks to the double quad his team was able to get a hold of early on. But, thanks to Rapha pulling off an amazing pair of kills in his own base as he brought back the flag, the score was brought to a tied score of 1:1 before Roof. pulled off another cap, bringing the score line to 2:1 in their favor. 9 minutes into the game Wonko from S4M was able to take control of a quad ,while carrying the flag, taking out four enemies, and moving back into base. But, he wouldn’t be safe as Whaz was able to rush in with rail from behind with quad which allowed Roof. to cap yet again. At 14minutes into the game, Whaz was able to cap after a haphazard string of kills from him and his team bringing the scored to 4:1 in Roof.’s favor. With only five minutes left in possible game time, S4M was running out of time. Except, Roof. remained relentless and at 17 minutes Rapha pulled off another cap thanks to amazing orchestration from the entire team; and it wouldn’t stop there as id_ would rush into S4M’s base, hit some amazing rail shots and then finish off the run with a cap which would seal the deal with a 6:1 score.

Second map: Wonko couldn't get away

ImageThe second map of series, Camper Crossings, a popular CPMA map: Quickly id_ grabbed the flag only 40 seconds in the game, but with no help until Rapha came in with an early quad before Whaz was able to get his hands on it; however, no cap would come from Roof’s initial rush. Even so, it would put S4M on edge for the next rush 2 minutes later lead by id_, stealing S4M’s mega, and making his way across the map, handing it off to Rapha would take the first cap to bring the score to 1:0. It would take another few minutes, but after relentless pushing by Roof., Dahang was able to cap and put Roof. in the lead by two caps (8:18 Camper Crossing prediction grenade by Rapha should be in a frag movie). Halfway through the game Whaz was able to get another cap before Wonko almost got the first cap for his team, but being shut down narrowly. A few seconds later, Wonko would get the chance to get a cap again and was again shut down, but showing Roof. that he can do some damage. Except, it would only add insult to injury as Dahang would bring another cap for his team, bringing the score line to 4:0. Soon after Roof. would again display their dominance with another cap after a good push by Rapha upon getting quad. Despite more pushes by Wonko, Roof. would end the game with a 5:0 lead to take the second map of the series.

Third map: Roof. makes it to the finals

Image The third map turned out to be Iron Works, a popularqlpickups map: Within the first two minutes, id_ pulled one of the best “ninja” runs ever with the help of his team in mid to put Roof. in the lead which would show why id_ is so well known in the CTF scene. With a score of 1:0 in favor of Roof., S4M’s counter attack would be completely shut down, and history would repeat itself… over, and over again. Roof. would continue to press and within five minutes they secured a solid 2:0 lead with little to show from S4M’s offense of defense against such skilled players. Another two minutes with id_’s continuous pressure would result in another cap for Roof. After yet another cap within another minute, S4M’s chance to come back continued to get smaller and smaller as Whaz brought another beautiful 9second cap across mid. 12 minutes into the game, after getting the hand-off from id_, Dahang barreled across mid to bring the score line to 6:0 a minute before Roof. would cap once again. There was only a glimmer of hope for S4M as Wonko got the enemy flag and brought it across mid before being shut down in his own base, which was the last thing S4M needed. With a flag return by the double push by Dahang and id_, Whaz was able to bring it home for a 8:0 end for the semifinals.

SEMIFINAL 2: Rapha and Zero4 battle SeXy


The TDM Semifinal had our very own Rapha participating(who actually participated in all three events of the tournament). Rapha's teammate happened to be Zero4, an extremely popular player in the Quake scene who actually happened to be Rapha's mentor in his early career. This dynamic duo's opponent would be two popular online players from the clan SeXy: Leerno, and Axema.

First map: Not enough to take down Rapha and Zero4

Image The first map for the TDM semi-finals, Campgrounds: Rapha and Zero4 would quickly take the lead but would be tied up quickly by SeXy. But, it would only go quickly as the dynamic duo of Rapha and Zero4, with a quadrun bringing the score to 9:3. The next quadrun would start off with a score of 15:5 in favor of Rapha and Zero4, and would end with a fair run of 19:5. The dynamic duo would hold their lead and have almost no deaths before the pummel quad grab by Rapha that even the commentators freaked about that would eventually a to 35:7 run. The next quad would end up in the hands of Zero4 who would bring the score to 43:13. SeXy could simply not do enough damage to take down Rapha or Zero4 that Leerno would actually ask for the Mercy limit; and SeXy’s motivation just dropped after that. After some more LG, more impressive shots, and only small chances that weren’t taken advantage of by Sexy, Rapha and Zero4 would seal the deal with an impressive score line of 101:34.

Second map: SeXy feels almost lost against the dynamic duo

Image The second TDM map, Almostlost, a controversial map among the community: SeXy and Leerno are known to almost only play TDM on Almostlost and it would be their best chance to make something happen… Alas, only a minute into the game, the score would be 7:0 in favor of Rapha and Zero4. It would take three minutes, but after grabbing a quad, SeXy could take down Rapha for their first frag to bring the score to 24:1, but quad would be soon shut down before anything more could be done with it. Despite SeXy being very red armor heavy in terms of position, their armor would be little to no help as Rapha and Zero4 would dominate the rest of the map and at seven minutes and a quadrun by Rapha, a score of 46:2 would prove just how dominant the dynamic duo really are. In the end, with some admirable persistence by SeXy, and some impeccable teamwork by Rapha and Zero4, the game ended with a score of 106:35 that would put the dynamic duo in the grand finals for 2v2 TDM.

You can watch the exciting action here:



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