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Pub Masters Pre-Qcon Finals

By Kent 'Osan' Gruber
Jul 8, 2012 01:04

ImageThe time has finally come for Squ1rrely’s Pre-Qcon Finals featuring some of the best in American talent this Sunday.

After some amazing games and some serious talents proving themselves to be some of the best in America, it all comes down to this: the finals. The Grand Finals will be casted by Jehar, who you may know from Quake Con, and friends.

The finals consist of Duel for $150 and a signed Fatal1ty motherboard, 2v2 Team Death Match for $150, and Capture the Flag for $200. Both CTF and Duel will be best of five and TDM will be best of three for the finals. You can look for some serious action in every mode considering the players still in the running:

Duel: Rapha, Zero4, Swooped, id_, Futile, rey_
CTF: S4M, 8X, ROOF, DFM - knocked out
TDM: Rapha/Zero4, kgb/swooped, id_/whaz, Axema/Leerno

Squ1rrely would like to thank Fatal1ty for his work:

"Special thanks to everyone competing & my buddy Fatal1ty for helping me double the prize money and donating Fatal1ty gear. We plan to do more events for the community."

I would also like to say thank you to Squ1rrely, Fatal1y, and everyone who is supporting this tournament, and good luck to the remaining teams.

You can tune into the stream here:

Other Links: Previous Matches, Match Brackets



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