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Disruptor and Undying ported to Dota 2

By Samuel 'DarthBotto' Horton
Jul 6, 2012 09:10

ImageTwo heroes have joined the fray of Dota 2; Disruptor and Undying are now present.

With the first update of July, yet another set of two heroes have made their transition from DotA to Dota 2- this time around, it is Disruptor and Undying. Disruptor is an intelligence hero that was introduced in the massive content update of 6.68 in the summer of 2010 and has had less action in the professional competitive circuit. Originally, Disruptor was fashioned after Thrall, complete with the name and class of "Far Seer". Dirge the Undying is an older strength hero introduced far earlier in IceFrog's career.

Disruptor is a flexible hero that may coordinate well with a mass multitude of lineups, due to his versatility. His first ability is Thunder Strike, which will create three 120 damage strikes against an enemy target and harm units within a 200 area of effect of the targeted unit. The second ability, Glimpse, will return a targeted unit back to its location from four seconds prior, which can be fatal for escaping blinkers or base returners. The third skill, Kinetic Field, creates a 300 area of effect barrier that traps enemies for four seconds, while being ineffective against allies. The ultimate, Static Storm, creates a storm over a 375 area of effective diameter, which silences and damages enemies exponentially.

Undying is a tanking hero with a scale of versatility similar to Disruptor. His first ability, Decay, is an area of effect ability with a diameter of 300 with a damage factor of 160, a strength steal of four strength and a stack-able factor. Undying's second ability, Soul Rip, is a target-oriented ability that either heals or damages a unit, based on the number of units surrounding the target, with an integer of 25 per unity. The third ability, Tombstone, places a literal tombstone upon the battlefield, spawning an uncontrollable zombie to attack enemies for thirty seconds and slowing the target. The ultimate, Flesh Golem, turns Undying into a massive form that amplifies damage taken by enemies within its immediate habitat. Units destroyed by Undying in the Flesh Golem state will heal Undying by two percent of their maximum life.

In addition to the two new heroes this week, there are several improvements Valve has made to the technical support of Dota 2. With The Defense #2 underway, Valve has been privileged with the opportunity to test their tournament feature, which though flawed with its original showing, has been smoothed over, thanks to their hands-on analysis of the situation. Steam programmer, CA David "Zoid" Kirsch, has also announced that Europe will receive further support for latency-reduced play, with a mass of servers having been brought online in Stockholm, Sweden.

Source: Dota 2, joinDOTA



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