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HomeStory Cup V Preview

By Robert 'InzTTP' Wylie
Jul 5, 2012 18:30

ImageHomeStory Cup makes its return for the fifth time. StarCraft fans around the world are ready as the much loved event gets ready to kick off on the 5th of July

We now move onto the final 4 groups, Group E-H.

Group E

KR Min Chul 'MC' Jang
DE Dennis 'HasuObs' Schneider
PL Tomasz 'Tarson' BoroĊ„
DE Dario 'TLO' Wünsch

SK's own MC will kick off this group being the favourite to go through, the dominant Protoss player is one of the scariest players in the world. He was known for his abusive timing attacks but has recently evolved his game and is now able to fall back and macro. The Former HSC champion should go through in first place in this starting group.

Up next is HasuObs, we don't get to see much of Hasu outside of European events and online cups that can be a good and a bad thing. PvP is a very volatile match up and going up against MC will be his biggest challenge. The lack of exposure to the Korean style could see him either bombing out early or squeezing his way through.

Tarson is another player who doesn't step outside of Europe. He's one of the top European Terrans at the moment but this group will be his biggest challenge of his StarCraft career. I don't think Tarson will be advancing but he may shape how 2nd and 3rd place play out.

With his recent move back to Korea TLO is reinventing himself. His playstyle has changed. This tournament comes at the best time it could as he has had time to settle into his new style. TLO will prove very difficult for Hasu and Tarson to handle and should go through in 2nd place.

Group Prediction:

1st - MC
2nd - TLO
3rd - HasuObs
4th - Tarson

Group F

PL Grzegorz 'MaNa' Komincz
KR Sung-Han 'Sleep' Kim
NO Jens 'Snute' Waller Aasgaard
US Steven 'Destiny' Bonnell

The newly crowned DreamHack Summer champion MaNa has recently qualified for the TSL4 as well. After turning full time professional it's scary that he has improved so much in such little time. He's known as one of the best Protoss players in Europe and should have no problems this weekend getting out of his group.

Sleep is a player who has shown he can compete with the best of each race, putting up a respectable performance at the Spring Championship sleep goes into HSC after qualifying through the NA bracket. The battle will be between him and Snute for 2nd place in the group. His ZvZ should have no problem standing up against Destiny but Snute is a different kind of player and it may prove difficult for him.

Recently Kas was replaced in the HSC groups, but that doesn't help the group much as Snute was announced as the replacement. Out of everyone in this group Snute and MaNa have had their fair share of meetings which could solidify MaNa coming out of this group or make his weekend a lot harder than it's set to be.

The underdog of the group is Destiny, Although he has put up respectable results he is considered a level below a lot of the players at this event. This will be the time for him to make a bigger name for himself or conform to what most people expect to happen in this group. This weekend will be tough for him but his sometime quirky playstyle could pay off for him and cause an upset.

Group Prediction:

1st - MaNa
2nd - Snute
3rd - Sleep
4th - Destiny

Group G

US Shawn 'Sheth' Simon
KR Choi Yong 'YongHwa' Hwa
RU Artem 'sLivko' Garavtsov
DE Thorsten 'DBS' Seifert

The fan favourite Sheth is known as one of the most beastly zergs in the NA scene, his very macro oriented style plays very well into todays current meta game. Sheth is one of the favourites in this group but due to his lack of exposure to the EU scene he may face a few map loses. However he should go through in the top spot of his group.

YongHwa secured his spot in HSC through the online qualifiers, In GSL his results haven't been as good as he's known to be. His PVP is deadly but this group will prove to be very tough for him. He's never been outside of Korea so he's playing in the dark of the current EU meta game and that could prove to be his downfall in this group.

Outside of Europe Slivko is relatively unknown, however inside of Europe he's known to take big games off big time players. Winning an insane amount of weekly cups he's taken the best of Europe on and shown he really is one of the players to be worried about this weekend. Due to his group we should see him go through in 2nd place but ZvZ is his best match up which may see him upset Sheth.

Lastly we have DBS, like Slivko he's unknown to the outside of Europe but inside Europe he's not as feared as Slivko. He has won his fair share of online cups but this is a whole different ball game. Sporting a very low TvZ winrate he's going up against two very high level Zergs. I don't hold much hope for him this weekend but stranger things have happened.

Group Prediction:

1st - Sheth
2nd - Slivko
3rd - YongHwa
4th - DBS

Group H

KR Jong Hyeon 'MVP' Jung
KR Myung-Hwan 'Golden' Jo
RO Silviu 'NightEnD' Lazar
AT Philip "Monchi" Simon

The four time GSL champion was confirmed to be at HSC not only did the fans go nuts but the players did too. MVP is the best Terran and most acomplished StarCraft II player in the scene right now. MVP recently took an exit from GSL in the Ro16 and it wasn't close as he bombed out 0-2. He is by far the favourite in this group and it will take something special to stop him from taking the entire tournament.

Golden is a player who's very well known in the NA scene and and Korean scene. He's one of the mostt feared Zergs who will be competing at this tournament and for good reasons. He's known for being able to do every style and do it well. If there was a list of people at this tournament who could take MVP out it's Golden.

unfortunately for Nightend he's in the toughest group of the tournament. If he was in any other group I would be talking about how he could make it into the next group stage but this will be one of the biggest challenges he's faced. But don't write him off he's a strong player and could cause some problems for Golden.

Monchi is in for a bad time this weekend, he's for sure facing an up hill battle into even getting a win here. Although he's a strong Protoss player both MVP and Nightends best match up is Vs Protoss. It will be really difficult for him make his mark in this tournament but anything can happen in a Bo3.

Group Prediction:

1st - MVP
2nd - Golden
3rd - Nightend
4th - Monchi

Tune in for some great StarCraft action this weekend. HomeStory cup never fails to be one of the best tournaments around so don't miss it.

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