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TyLoo wins K1 League China

By Aleksandar 'gunnero' Dimovski
Jul 5, 2012 15:20

ImageTyLoo won the K1 League held in Shanghai, China against New4 in the winners bracket finals. They take home $15,740 in cash prizes. ETeng took third place by defeating MI5.

TyLoo dominated group B with 6 points and reached the semi-finals to fight ETeng. ETeng had finished second in group A and eliminated Na`Vi from the tournament.

The first semi-final was played on de_nuke and de_inferno where TyLoo faced ETeng in a very close series: 18-16 in the first map and 17-13 in the second. ETeng wasn't strong enough and lost the game with 2-0 in maps.

The second semi-final was played on de_tuscan and de_dust2 where New4 grasped their victory by defeating MI5 with 13-12 in the first map and 18-12 in the second map.

In the lower bracket, wNv Gaming and AllStrike were invited by the K1 organizers to participate in a showmatch for the third place decider. They are both former teams and two time WEC champions. ETeng secured the third place by beating up MI5 with 2-0 in maps.

The final was played on maps de_inferno and de_nuke, and looked like a walk in the park for TyLoo. They easily defeated New4 with 14-6 and 14-9, winning the K1 League 2012 Season 1.

Final standings:
1. CN TyLoo - $15,740
2. CN New4 - $7,870
3. CN ETeng - $3,150
4. CN MI5 - $1,575

The K1 organizers have announced two more tournaments: the second K1 League 2012 Season 2 which is expected to kick off in September with a prize pool of $23.596 or $31.461. This tournament will feature 10 teams with 2 invited European teams. And the third K1 League Championship season will also feature 2 European teams with an even higher prizepool.


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