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The Defense #2 going strong

By António 'Stunzzz' Ferreira
Jul 4, 2012 15:27

ImageThe Defense #2 keeps surprising the Dota 2 community. Check out the competing teams, prizepool and tournamentstructure inside!

1. Teams

The Defense #2 started on the 21st of june. Twenty-four professional teams from all around the world are competing each other in the group stage.

- 2 Friends + Chrilee [4FC]
- Absolute Legends [aL]
- compLexity Gaming [coL]
- Copenhagen Wolves [Wolves]
- Counter Logic Gaming [CLG]
- Darer Entertainment [Darer]
- Team Empire [Empire]
- Evil Geniuses [EG]
- Fnatic EU [fnatic]
- HelloMoto [HM]
- Hydra [Hydra]
- Infused Gaming [Infs]
- Moscow Five [M5]
- mousesports [Mouz]
- mTw [mTw]
- Natus Vincere [Na'Vi]
- [Next]
- POTM bottom [POTM]
- Power Rangers [PR]
- Quantic Gaming [Quantic]
- Storm Games Clan [SGC]
- uebelst-gamynG [uebelst]
- We haz Asian [WhA]
- zNation [zNation]

2. Tournament Structure

Every group consists of six teams. Only four teams of each group can get to the next stage, the round stage.

The group stage is based on Best-of-one matches and every team plays versus the other five opponents in their group.

The best eight teams of the tournament, two of each group, will compete in the Upper Bracket, getting a higher chance of going into the grand final. The remaining teams will compete in the Lower Bracket.

Right now, the 8 top teams are: Evil Geniuses , We haz Asian , compLexity Gaming , Moscow Five , Storm Games Clan , Natus Vincere , Quantic Gaming and Counter Logic Gaming .

3. Groups

Group A
1. US Evil Geniuses [3-0]
2. DE We haz Asian [2-2]
3. SE Team Infused [2-3]
4. UA Darer Entertainment
5. EU Mousesports
6. RU zNation [0-4]

Group B
1. US compLexity Gaming [4-0]
2. RU Moscow Five [3-1]
3. AU Absolute Legends [2-2]
4. DE uebelst-gamynG [2-2]
5. SE 4 Friends + Chrille [0-3]
6. US Hydra [0-3]

Group C
1. CZ Storm Games Clan [3-1]
2. UA Natus Vincere [3-1]
3. FR mTw [2-0]
4. KZ [1-2]
5. RU Team Empire [1-3]
6. EU Fnatic RC [0-3]

Group D
1. US Quantic Gaming [3-0]
2. SE Counter Logic Gaming [3-1]
3. EU HelloMoto [1-2]
4. US POTM Bottom [1-2]
5. EU Copenhagen Wolves [1-1]
6. BY Power Rangers [0-3]

4. Prizepool & Coverage

The Defense #2 is one of the most popular tournaments in the world and it brings recognition to Dota2.

There's a 10,000 € prize pool; 6,000€ for the first place, 2,500€ for the second place and 1,500€ for the third place.

You can watch the tournament on the joinDOTA stream with broadcaster Tobi Wan at JoinDOTA Website or directly on his own3d livestream, JoinDOTA with Tobi Wan.

Source and more information: The Defense website.

SK-Gaming Updated Dota 2 Information.



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