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OGN Azubu LoL gonna kick off tomorrow

Jul 3, 2012 21:56

ImageGreat news for all of us who love LoL tournaments: Tomorrow, a new season of the OGN Azubu LoL event is going to start. Don't wanna miss any of it? We got you covered with everything you need to know.

Good times for all of us who love nothing more than watching good games of League of Legends and cheering for the teams or players we like: Tomorrow, on Wednesday, July 4th, a brand new season of OGN Azubu LoL is going to start. The fun begins at 19:30(KST, GMT+9), featuring mostly Korean teams bundled up with a few teams from overseas that got invited, including US Team Dignitas , EU Natus Vincere , EU Counter Logic Gaming EU and US Counter Logic Gaming .

Here is an overview of the four groups the 16 participating teams have been divided into:

Group A
KR Azubu Blaze
KR World Elite
KR Najin Shield

Group B
KR Azubu Frost
US Team Dignitas
KR Najin Sword

Group C
KR StarTale
KR Xenics Storm
EU Natus Vincere
KR CJ Entus

Group D

Only the top two teams of each group will make it to the next round!

The Play-Offs will be held in a single elimination. After round 8, the teams are going to face each other in the well known best-of-three mode. Once these stages have been passed, the winning teams will advance into the semi-finals that are run in a best-of-five mode. The 3rd place match and the following seed challenge, taking place between the team that ranks 4th vs NLB's first placed team, happens to be a best-of-three mode again. Last but not least, the two teams that reach the finals will be competing for the big victory in a best-of-five.

The honor of playing the opening match is given to Azubu Blaze and GJR, followed up by the matches between World Elite and Najin Shield and World Elite vs GJR.

You don't wanna miss any action of this great tournament, but you can't be there? No worries, the livestream of the event can be found here. And in case some of you want to follow the stream in Korean because you are into their passionate commentating, head over to and enjoy the show.

The total prize pool of this tournament is 150,000,000 KRW, which is approximately an amount of 132k USD. Surely, all the teams are going to be trying their hardest to be the winner of this new season's OGN Azubu LoL event.


Regarding the groups all of the teams have been split in to, who's games are you looking forward to the most? Who do you expect to win this tournament? Feel free to let us know and discuss in the comment section below.

Click here to find out what positions are available.



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