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Jayce Patch Preview

By Joe 'YouGoJoe23' Staller
Jul 2, 2012 21:34

ImageThe upcoming patch will include the much-anticipated 100th champion. Riot released an official post today on most of the other changes in this update.

This week's patch preview focuses on mostly quality of life changes for a couple of champions. Orianna and LeBlanc are getting some much-needed tweaks, as well as a small buff to Nunu's general viability. Finally a nerf to globals that will (hopefully) allow some more aggressive gameplay opportunities.


Orianna, the Lady of Clockwork

Orianna is getting a small re-work to make her more user-friendly. Her cooldowns and combo have been awkward, to say the least, for a while now. She is getting a global CD reduction on her abilities to allow for more fluid gameplay, so you aren't caught trying to cast a spell while the Ball is doing something else. Additionally her Q is getting a damage decrease, but a CD reduction as well, allowing it to be spammed more effectively. Her W is getting a buff to damage, and her E is getting a range buff. This will allow for a much more 'ranged' feel to her, granting the player a new opportunity for build customization. Her passive is also being changed to be stronger at lower stacks, which is a plus as you don't want to be in auto-attack range for most fights. On the whole this gives Orianna some new versatility as a ranged utility mage, and it will be interesting to see how this effects her competitive viability.


Nunu, the Yeti Rider

Riot is attempting to buff Nunu's jungling and counter-jungling ability in this update. I don't see it happening. He is still mana reliant if a little less dependant. This can't compare to the resourceless ability of Dr.Mundo, who has an AOE to clear camps too. Anyhow, they buffed Q and reduced the number of hits needed for Visionary to proc. If anything this buffs his early laning as a support, and scaling to allow him more free spells.


LeBlanc, the Deceiver

They aren't changing too much to LeBlanc numbers-wise; more quality-of-life oriented changes. The Q missile speed is increased so you don't end up beating it to the target any more (so annoying). They also reduced the cooldown on W, and added some trickery to it when combined with the ult. If you use Mimic on Distortion, you are now given the ability to utilize both jump points. I'm not entirely sure of the button sequence to do it, but I do know you can blink, ult-blink, and then return to either (or both!) of those points within a short duration.

They are nerfing Globals! Rejoice!

Shen, Karthus, and Soraka's ultimates are getting a cooldown increase, especially at higher ranks. I don't know if this will actually nerf them down the viability tree or just promote dragging out the games even longer. It gives a longer grace period at early levels I suppose, but most pro teams are quite good at patiently stalling for the ult to come back.

You can see Riot's official post here.



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