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WCS UK Nationals Preview

By Tom 'Tomaki' Connolley
Jun 30, 2012 00:57

ImageWCS finals next stop is the United Kingdom, a star studded line up is ready as the top 16 players in the UK battle it out for 3 spots in the European Finals.

This weekend the United Kingdom’s best Starcraft 2 players will compete in London to decide not only who the Country’s best is but also which 3 players will earn a place in the European Championship and ultimately continue their World Championship series story. Well known players such as UK Benjamin 'DeMusliM' Baker and UK Samayan 'BlinG' Kay will face off against lesser known British talent for a share of the $15,000 (£9567/ € 11853) Prize pool.

The event will be casted by Dan “Artosis” Stemkoski and Nick “Tasteless” Plott.


UK Benjamin 'DeMusliM' Baker is arguably the most well known British player on the scene, storming into this year with a surprise victory against 3 time GSL Champion Nestea at the MLG winter arena providing perhaps the biggest upset of the tournament whilst maintaining the number 1 spot in Grandmaster on the US server for much of last season, more recently he reached the Ro16 in NASL3 losing to Ret in a very close Bo5.

Tomaki’s Prediction: I expect him to easily place top 3, He has all the skills to take first but it will be hard with the possibility of a rematch against Bling in the second round.


The other big contender is UK Samayan 'BlinG' Kay, already proving he has what it takes to beat DeMuslim after defeating him quite convincingly during the War of the Roses Showmatch and then again during the Lone Star Clash. He competed at i45 Multiplay, taking first place after beating some of Britain’s best talent. Dropping only one map the whole tournament. Recently he took out QXC at MLG Anaheim in the open bracket, and only just missing out on pool play after losing to Fnatic.Oz 1-2.

Tomaki’s Prediction: I would be very surprised if he didn’t reach top 3, I expect him to meet DeMusliM in the 2nd round where I think history may repeat itself with another victory for Bling, albeit a close one.

Ziktomini who will be representing Western Wolves is set to be the dark horse of the tournament. He had a commanding run during the Dreamhack Summer group stages beating notable players such as Stephano, Bly and taking maps off Thorzain and Nerchio falling in the Ro32 to an extremely tough group. It’s also worth noting he defeated both Bling and JonnyREcco in the first qualifier to gain his place in the UK nationals. However more recently in TSL4 EU/NA qualifier #6 he was defeated in Ro128 by JonnyREcco.

Tomaki’s Prediction: I’m really favouring Ziktomini to make an upset during this tournament, he has all the makings of a breakout star , He has proven himself against all competitors and I could see him taking first if the other players aren’t careful.


JonnyREcco of Team Infused is another one to watch, often described as Britain’s Rising Star, taking 2nd in the ESL qualifiers and taking 1st and 2nd in many ESL UK Opens, more recently he has made a name for himself in the TSL4 EU/NA Qualifier #2 finishing 3rd/4th taking out Liquid Sheth along the way. Currently he is ranked 18th Grandmaster on the EU server with a 67% win rate.

Tomaki’s Prediction: JonnyREcco certainly seems like he has what it takes to place in the top 4, he has proven time and time again he is one of the best Zerg players Britain has to offer and I expect him to be one of main contenders for the European qualifying place.

Other Notable players in this tournament are Lau who defeated Bling quite convincingly twice last year, UK Liam 'Ourk' Streames another Team Infused member who took 3rd at Multiplay i45 as well as rANDY who defeated DeMusliM 3-2 to advance to WCS UK finals.

The event looks set to provide some interesting games with maybe a few upsets, I will be attending in person and hope to bring you more from the event as the weekend progresses.

The event kicks off at 1:30pm CET be sure to tune in and enjoy the best StarCraft action from the UK.



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