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Luna and Wisp added to Dota 2

By Samuel 'DarthBotto' Horton
Jun 29, 2012 06:17

ImageIn the new patch, two popular heroes from DotA are ported over to Dota 2, to bring the current hero count to 83.

Two heroes now join the cast of Dota 2; Luna and Wisp. Luna is a long-standing hero created for DotA: Allstars in 2004 by Steve "Guinsoo" Feak, who is currently a designer for League of Legends. Wisp is a more recent adaptation of Guardian Wisp, created in 2010 by the current lead designer of DotA and Dota 2, IceFrog. The addition of Luna and Wisp adds an agility and strength hero, respectively, to the Radiant side.

Luna's abilities consist of one targeted ability, one non-targeted ability and two passive abilities. The target ability is Lucent Beam, which shoots a beam of energy at an enemy, which stuns and deals damage to the target. The passive abilities include Moon Glaive, which creates a ricocheting splash effect with Luna's blade, as well as Lunar Blessing, which grants bonus damage to allies, while maximizing Luna's night vision. Her ultimate is Eclipse, which covers Luna in night and activates a Lucent Beams against multiple enemies.

Wisp, on the other hand, is amongst the most unique heroes in Dota 2. This hero is made completely from particles, rather than a defined model and has no voice actor. In addition, Wisp is a strength hero with an exceeding intelligence, which was one of several the contradicting additions to the 6.68 patch, which included Thrall as an intelligence hero. Wisp is a hero that is designed with team coordination strictly in mind. The hero is able to create a Tether with an allied unit, giving the ally health buffs, while stunning enemy units that pass between the tether. Wisp may also activate Spirits, which rotate around the hero and are able to be commanded to move outward or inward, damaging whatever they come in contact with. Wisp may activate Overcharge, which gives the unit the hero is tethered to increased attack speed and damage resistance, while Wisp is damaged for 2.5 health percentage per second. The ultimate, Relocate, teleports Wisp and whatever tethered units to any point on the map, followed ten seconds later by the tethered units being returned to their previous location. If the tether is disabled after the teleporation, only Wisp will revert to the previous location.

With the addition of these two heroes, 83 of the 108 heroes from the current DotA roster have made it into their new form in the sequel, leaving 22 to go. Of said remaining, nine were created by Guinsoo, while thirteen were creations of IceFrog's.



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