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Multiple changes in ESEA League S15

By Evgeni 'Zinnoc' Chardakov
Dec 26, 2013 00:06

ImageMore changes has been done in the area of invited teams by ESEA.

Few days ago, E-Sports Entertainment Association (ESEA) announced that DK überG33KZ, formerly known as Copenhagen Wolves will not travel to the United States for the fifteenth season of ESEA League, due to the team being unable to find organization or a sponsor to fund their trip.

The Danish überG33KZ did secure a spot back in January by finishing second in the European league with twelve wins and only four lost matches. It was confirmed later on, that UA Astana Dragons , who managed to finish fifth in the European league are going to replace them.

Statement has been released by the ESEA's administration:
"Although uber G33Kz was not able to make the trip, we will continue to work with European teams in order to bring you the best ESEA LAN Finals possible. As we confirm all teams over the next few weeks, we will let the community know who will be attending the event. All possible bans will be discussed at the end of the season, as per usual."

Unfortunately, the CIS-based team Astana Dragons announced that the players will most likely be unable to solve their visa problems until January, which won't allow them to fly to the United States and participate in the LAN finals.

Later on, ESEA decided to invite the Finnish team FI ENCE eSports to replace Astana Dragons for this season. However, as we predicted, it is now revealed that both ENCE and the Swedish team SE LGB eSports have pulled out of the tournament.

Now a Danish squad is set to take one of the free spots as ESEA invited DK n!faculty. However, the other invited team is this time from North America. The team is known as US United5 and features players from the former Evil Geniuses division.

As of now the only team from Europe that is confirmed to participate is FR Team VERYGAMES .
More changes might appear in near future, so stay tuned.

The once again updated list of participants is the following:
North America:
US compLexity Gaming
US MouseSpaz
US Homeless
US United5

DK n!faculty

Due to the high flight costs and possible visa issues, the only team from Europe that participated in the last season of ESEA League was SE Ninjas in Pyjamas , who fought against seven North American teams to win the event.

Stay tuned at SK Gaming for more hot news about the fifteenth edition of ESEA League in Dallas, Texas.

Source: / ESEA News



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