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Lineup changes for Millenium

By Grigoris 'CaveMan800' Solos
Jun 27, 2012 03:53

ImageWe've seen Millenium change their lineup a lot and now the time for bot lane had arrived. Yellowstar and nRated were teamless and the French organisation didn't waste the opportunity and picked them up.

After CH Daryl 'shacol0l' Brandi's departure, FR Millenium was looking ready to face the new challenges and compete for the ticket to season 2 finals. Surpisingly, earlier today the French organisation announced the replacement of DE Janis 'Entenzwerg' Krzok and ES Alejandro 'Dax' Germain with FR against All authority 's former bot lane, FR Bora 'YellOwStaR' Kim and DE Christoph 'nRated' Seitz.

Millenium's current lineup:

Here is a statement from the manager of the team, Kevin "Tweekz" Remy:

"We think that despite what happened in Dreamhack, the team has a very big potential but the times has been against us. The progression has been faster in top/mid/jungle compared to bot lane. If we want to have the best chances to be one of the three European teams that will qualify to season 2 finals, we have to make some changes.

Yellowstar and nRated are players that really perform and have a lot of experience, they are teamless at the moment and they are convinced that they will be a large additional value to the team. I want to emphasize that we are making these decisions to prepare our best for the season 2 finals. I'd really like to thank the players that are really good and they practice really hard. To end, I'd like to welcome Yellowstar and nRated. I'm really looking forward to test out this lineup."

Also the captain of the team, FR Julien 'pHeoz' Dubois said a few things about these changes:

"Entenzwerg is a player with a lot of knowledge and Dax has a big rate of progress, but with all the competitors coming up we need to be competitive right away. We don't want to repeat what happened in Dreamhack.

We think we can do better with nRated and Yellowstar whom we have known for a long time and that can compete against the best bot lanes out there at the moment."




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