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Rumor: League of Legends' 100th Champion

By Jeff 'Exodus885' Huh
Jun 26, 2012 19:56

ImageRumor has it that the 100th Champion of League of Legends is named Jayce. His transforming abilities along with his skill sets make him a very interesting champion. Read on for more information!

According to different sources, Jayce will have two deformation skills to be able to switch his weapon between different forms. In a sense it could be a lot like Nidalee’s ultimate but with his weapon. Switching between the two forms provides Jayce with Offensive and Defensive abilities. It also unlocks different potential and skill sets. Please be advised these are UNOFFICIAL and are what I have gathered from various sources.

Having said that let’s take a look at some of his abilities:

Passive: Every time Jayce switches forms (transforms), he will gain 40 bonus Movement Speed and will ignore unit collision for 1.25 seconds.

Q-Ability (Form 1): To The Skies - Jayce jumps to the target area dealing physical damage and applying a slow to surrounding enemies.

Q-Ability (Form 2): Shock Blast - This ability appears to be a skill shot and if it passes through the Acceleration Gate, it gains increased damage, range, and speed.

W-Ability (Form 1): Static Field - Passive: Jayce gains mana when he auto attacks a unit.
Active: Jayce creates a static field dealing Damage over Time to enemies within.

W-Ability (Form 2): Hyper Charge - Jayce charges energy and gains attack speed for a few seconds.

E-Ability (Form 1): Thundering Blow - Jayce deals magic damage based on a %(percentage) of the target’s max HP and knocks the target away.

E-Ability (Form 2): Acceleration Gate - Jayce summons a gate increasing the Movement Speed of all allied champions that pass through it.

R-Ability: Deformation/Mordin Hammer -Jayce transforms his cannon into a hammer and gains passive armor and magic resist along with new abilities.

R-Ability: Deformation/Mordin Cannon - Jayce transforms his hammer into a cannon gaining new abilities and increasing his auto-attack range.

Footage of his abilites

All in all, if Jayce is the 100th champion and proves to be true, League of Legends will have a great addition to its champion pool for casual and competitive play.

Credit to SkinSpotlights and Warscythes



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