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Carry me!! A comparative look at 5 ADCs

By Joe 'YouGoJoe23' Staller
Jun 26, 2012 20:05

ImageIt seems in solo play the AD carry role is often overlooked. Top or mid are always preferred. Today we’ll be comparing Ashe, Corki, Kog’Maw, Graves and Vayne across various stages of the game.

Attack damage is one of the hardest-hitting stats in LoL. It scales incredibly well in to the late game and is crucial for clearing the heavy front lines of the enemy team. A mixture of crit, armor penetration, and raw attack damage will chunk anyone who gets in the way. With the advantage of having range on most enemy front line champions, AD carries are free to build massive damage, relying solely on their team-mates and range to keep themselves alive.

Ashe, The Frost Archer
Leading the discussion we have Ashe, one of the oldest champions in the League. Her strength lies in her ability to kite with Q, the utility on Hawk Shot, and amazing initiate with her ultimate. Weaknesses are a general lack of mobility, no real steroid ability, and a weaker lane phase. At level 1 her passive gives her a guaranteed crit, combined with Volley can do significant damage at level 1. But the damage slows down considerably there, and doesn’t really become strong again until mid-late game when she gets IE/PD. The crit from these two items combined with her passive gives her staggering DPS. However, this allows her to be bullied somewhat in lane, which can slow down her build and delay her carry status. On the whole though, an incredibly strong carry when she gets her items. The unparalleled initiate with ult is reason enough to pick her up, but it’s Frost Shot that really defines Ashe. If you’re being chased; you kite with it. If you’re winning; chase with the slow. Paired with a Janna you do not escape Ashe. Definitely a strong pick and one of my favourite AD carries.


Corki, The Daring Bombardier
Corki up next, everyone’s favorite Yordle. Strengths include high burst potential, bonus true damage from passive and mobility. Weaknesses are the lack of a steroid, somewhat low AD scaling on skills and the lack of a ‘real’ ult (by which I mean his ult feels like just another ability). Corki’s arsenal of abilities are to be feared for sure. His poke in lane with Q and armor shred on E paired with an aggressive support can spell disaster for many lanes. Powerful poke mid-game with missiles and Phosphorus bombs, and his passive true damage scales for considerable added damage late-game. A strong champ for a heavy dive team, with Valkyrie and Gatling gun he can really get in to an enemy team for serious clean up.


Kog'maw, the Mouth of the Abyss
Following Corki is Kog’Maw, mouth of the abyss. Strengths include higher range with W, extra damage from W, and poke with R. Weaknesses are a heavy lack of mobility, low AD scaling on only one skill, and the Corki issue of no ‘real’ ult. Protect the Kog was a popular strategy used in recent tournament play and still popular in ranked play. With Kog’s slow from Void Ooze, his incredible bonus range/damage from W, and his ult poke, he becomes a living siege tank. He has a fairly average laning phase, until 6 when he becomes able to out-trade most other carries with R’s. He has good utility on ult, as it allows him to scout ahead for his team, providing vision on anyone he hits that may be hiding in the brush. Kog’Maw is generally faulted for his lack of mobility and dies to strong initiate teams with the ability to really get in to your team. However, with a strong enough front line, Kog can melt through an enemy team faster than any other carry.


Malcolm Graves, the Outlaw
Dead man walkin’. One of the most popular AD carries at the moment, Malcolm Graves is next. His strength lies in his tankiness from passive, good damage scaling, utility with Smokescreen and incredible laning strength. His weaknesses are his situational steroid and poorer scaling in to late game from other carries. His lane strength is seemingly unparalleled at the moment, his innate tankiness in lane allows him to out-trade many other carries, combined with Buckshot burst and the occasional offensive Quickdraw. When I mentioned the situational steroid I meant it was at the price of relocation. You only get the steroid when you reposition yourself, and sometimes this can lead to unfavourable circumstances. Be aware of how much lane presence he has playing as him and against him, and go from there. Sniping people all day with his ultimate.


Shauna Vayne, the Night Hunter
Vayne is probably the most oddball AD carry I’ll cover. Her strengths are her tumble for quick auto attack resets, the true damage from Silver Bolts and her ult steroid. Her weaknesses are her early game and heavy reliability on positioning and mechanical skill. When played right, Vayne is undoubtedly the strongest late game carry. I call her an oddball because she relies heavily on getting in to an enemy team, so you will see a lot of Bloodthirsters first on Vayne, to keep her alive in team fights and for the extra AD. Her early game is nothing spectacular, but when she gets going, watch out. A quick auto attack reset with Q and repeated true damage from silver bolts, along with high attack speed and crits turn Vayne in to a late-game monster. Her only issue is getting there in a timely fashion, before every enemy has Randuins/Frozen heart. Oh, and throw in stealth from her ult for a bit of extra terror for the enemy.



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