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GameGune announce first 8 teams

By Aleksandar 'gunnero' Dimovski
Jun 24, 2012 16:59

ImageThe organizers of the GameGune tournament, which is held in Bilbao, Spain, announced the first 8 teams that will compete in this years event.

GameGune 2012 will once again take place at the Euskal Encounter LAN party which has been held annually in July at Bilbao Exhibition Center, Spain. The event is scheduled to kick off on July 26-29.

16 teams will be competing in the tournament. They will be divided into 4 groups featuring 4 teams each with top 3 advancing to the next round. The groups will play be played in a best-of-one format and the bracket stage will be a bo3 double elimination. The teams that are ranked first and second will be placed in the first round of the winners' bracket and third place finishers proceed to the lower bracket with the maps being decided by a veto-system.

The first 8 teams have been announced and the other 8 will follow next week together with the schedule for the tournament.

First 8 teams:
SE Fnatic (Friis, karrigan, moddii, Xizt, TBA)
NO Anexis (BERRY, Lomme, Nuggi, Snappi, zanoj)
DE Team ALTERNATE (approx, Kapio, Roman R., Tixo, Troubley)
ES x6tence (arki, FlipiN, Kairi, oFF, xikii)
PL DELTA (ben, dOK, DRIVE, sonamed, tOMI)
RU zNation (AERO, hoNdroz, little, redman, wAke)
PT k1ck eSports Club (axoN, coachi, fox, mUt, rmn)
SA BTK (breaker, FORGETME, NESTA, PaNj4rd, st1cker)

The tournament is scheduled to kick off on July 26-29 and will feature a prize pot of over $28.000 which will be paid out in cash at the end of the event. SK-Gaming will provide full coverage of the event.

Click here to find out what positions are available.



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