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MC in the NASL Round of 16

By Kyle 'bigmangriff' Griffin
Jun 24, 2012 22:39

ImageLast night SK Gaming's own MC competed in the NASL Round of 16, trying to secure his spot in the finals in Toronto, Canada.

With a spot for the North American Star League Season 3 Grand Finals LAN up for grabs, was in action last night against MvP Galaxy in the Round of 16. The Best of 5 match took place on the North American server for StarCraft 2. With NASL in its final two weekends of play, you could tell that tensions were running high in the 2 games before MC vs Galaxy. With Yang 'Alicia' Joon Sik beating Chia Yang 'Sen' Cheng, who won a marathon ZvZ Bo5 the night before, and Kim 'Puzzle' Sang Jun beating Payam 'TT1' Toghyan, it was a night of the odd on favorites showing their dominance.

Game 1 took place on Daybreak, and the word of the game was Colossi. By the end of the game, MC had 2 with 60+ kills each. MC deviated from his norm, 2 base all-in Blink Stalker play, and went with 3 base Sentry/Stalker/Immortal/Colossi mid to late game play. Galaxy followed up with Ling/Infestor/Brood Lord. This game went back and forth, and the turning point for the game was that Galaxy made to few Brood Lords. MC charged in to the natural and main of Galaxy and it was only a matter of time till Galaxy had to GG and leave the game.

Dual Sight was Galaxy's choice for the 2nd map. Much like Game 1 MC went with a 3 base build, but this time opting for Sentry/Phoenix/Archon and Galaxy went Ling/Roach in to Mass Mutalisk. MC whiffed with multiple Storms that have wiped out the Mutas. This led to Galaxy being able to over run MC and tie up the series at 1-1.

MC's map choice for Game 3 was Cloud Kingdom. This game mirrored Game 1 for MC, 3 bases and Colossi picking up a massive number of kills. MC was able to get the most for his money for the Colossi, with them picking up over 144 kills. Once again, Galaxy made to few Brood Lords, and was only trading 1 Fungal Growth for 1 Infestor.

Galaxy's next map choice came the way of Antiga Shipyard. While Galaxy is known for using cheese builds to get to this match, MC was the one one to attempt the first cheese in this match. MC tried to hide a probe in the Natural base of Galaxy, but it was scouted and MC had to move in to his 2 base Blink Stalker play. MC caught Galaxy off guard and killed the 3rd base and moved to the Natural and Galaxy, knowing he was to crippled, GG'ed one last time MC takes the Match 3-1.

This moves MC to the Grand Finals happening July 14 and 15, in Toronto, Canada. Tonight we will find out who else moves on as we have 5 Best of 5 Matches, Casted Mr. Bitterdam, Mr. Bitters and Rotterdam, starting at 6 pm PST.



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