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in2LoL King Of The Hill

By Talha 'Viru5z' Pirzada
Jun 23, 2012 23:35

ImageIf you are a bit tired of all the "normal" tournaments, in2LoL is offering you the chance to watch your favorite teams compete for weekly prizes in a new King of the hill series. Read on for all the details.

in2LoL's new League of Legends King of the Hill series, where the top European teams compete head to head, will be taking place every week. The first match will be played between two of the biggest teams from the European scene: EU Fnatic and EU Team Curse EU. The series will commence on Monday, June 25th at 8:00 pm CEST.

The games will be streamed on and casted by Trevor 'qu1ksh0t' Henry, who has previously commentated both the Dreamhack and IPL qualifiers and is growing in popularity.

The King of the Hill will feature two European teams each week for a prize of €500 with the chance to retain their title the following week against a new competitor. Unfortunately, if a team manages to win consecutively for five weeks, it will be replaced by a new one, making the maximum prize money a team can win in a row €2,500.

If you miss a game, no need to fear, the VOD will be uploaded as soon as the game has finished so you can keep up to date. Be sure to tune in and support your favourite teams and wish them luck.

EU Fnatic

EU Team Curse EU

Both teams have made a few statements on the upcoming match:

BG Tomislav 'Flyy' Mihailov's Team Manager:

"KotH has been one of the most noticable showmatch series in the past few years, it's something people are coming to watch just for the show. It's good that we finally have it for LoL, and I'm really thankful to in2LOL for giving us the chance to open their KotH series. We are really looking forward to our match versus FnaticRC and we will definitely put a show on display for that match! Make sure to tune in for it !"

UK Harry 'hxd' Wigget Fnatic's Team Manager:

"We're very excited to be facing in a best-of-five. We practice with them a lot so this will be a good test for both us and Curse. Losing to them at DreamHack in the third-place decider was dissapointing for us and we're now aiming to take a win off them. Hopefully this will be an entertaining series for all the viewers, I'd also like to take this opportunity to challenge flyy to a 1v1 which he has been dodging for quite some time now."

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