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Carmac: "No CS:GO as main title"

By Marvin 'Destroyer1721' Horstmann
Jun 22, 2012 12:49

ImageMichal 'Carmac' Blicharz, responsible person for the IEM, talked to about why CounterStrike 1.6 was dropped. He further says that CS:GO not becomes a main role in the seventh season.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive does not become a title in seventh season of the IEM. After six seasons as one of the main titles in ESL's premiere event series, the Intel Extreme Masters, it was last week announced Counter-Strike 1.6 will not be included as a main title in the seventh season. A joining of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive seems to be merely an option for some events. In addition, he says, that this depends on the development of the new FPS shooter. talked with Michal "Carmac" Blicharz, Director of Pro Gaming at the German-based company, where he says:

"Carmac: "A game can be a main title in the Intel Extreme Masters if it's a healthy esport: it has an active player base, spectators and fans. No game will have that from Day 1 after the release. That needs to grow with time and with a community behind the game.

So the answer is: no, we will not have CS:GO as a main title in the Intel Extreme Masters in the upcoming season. The game will be released in the same month as the first event of the new season.

If CS:GO (or any other game) is featured in the Intel Extreme Masters at any point in time, it will not be to replace one or any other game in it. It will be so because it has a community of its own which can prove that the game deserves it."
"If CS:GO becomes successful in its own right, I can see it featured in Intel Extreme Masters events. I can also imagine an event with both games in it. Until there is a clear signal that the 75% CS 1.6 community has transitioned into CS:GO, we have to treat these two games as two completely different titles.""

You can look up the full interview on What do you think about this? Is this good or bad for the Counter-Strike scene? Is CS:GO now ready for the IEM or need the game more time?

Source: Carmac: "No CS:GO as main title"



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