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North America wins "Battle of the Atlantic"

By Philipp 'Phil122' Neubauer
Dec 23, 2013 15:24

ImageThe five best teams of North America took the win, honor and price money in the transatlantic clash of the LCS teams. Cloud 9 secured the win with a 2-0 against Fnatic in the last round.

Alongside the promotion tournament for the EU and NA LCS, the Battle of the Altantic was supposed to show which is the better region at the end of 2013. In five matches, two in DE Cologne and three in US Los Angeles, the first five teams of the last split faced their counterparts to prove that their region is stronger than the other.

Every single match was pretty one sided. Surprisingly, EU Team ALTERNATE showed two decisive wins over US Counter Logic Gaming where a lot of fans expected a good performance from CLG. On the other hand, EU Fnatic lost their match against US Cloud 9 and gave three region points over to NA. After the match in the quarterfinals at Worlds (Fnatic won 2-1) C9 looked for revenge from the Europeans. The three other matches went as expected. US Team SoloMid , with their new midlaner DK Søren 'Bjergsen' Bjerg , defeated the completely new EU Lemondogs roster at their first offline event. The Winner of IEM Cologne, EU Gambit Gaming proved themselves, winning against XDG Gaming (former US Vulcun ) and in the first game of the Tournament, EU Alliance dominated US Team Dignitas in both matches.

US Team Dignitas vs. EU Alliance 0-2 (1 point)
US Team SoloMid vs. EU Lemondogs 2-0 (2 points)
US Counter Logic Gaming vs. EU Team Alternate 0-2 (1 point)
US XDG Gaming vs. EU Gambit Gaming 0-2 (2 points)
US Cloud 9 vs. EU Fnatic 2-0 (3 points)

Due to the matches C9 vs. Fnatic and TSM vs. LD that gave three and two points per win respectively, North America takes the victory with a score of 5 - 4 and earns $25.000, $5.000 for each team.

Battle of the Atlantic Infographic




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