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AGAiN triumph at SLTV StarSeries VIII

By Evgeni 'Zinnoc' Chardakov
Dec 23, 2013 16:01

ImageThe Polish pride AGAiN won the tournament by defeating Na'Vi in series of three maps.

Starting with the first match of the day we saw the battle between UA Natus Vincere and RS GamePub.

Natus Vincere started as T on de_mirage and won the pistol round and the next two, thanks to UA Danylo 'Zeus' Teslenko's 1on2 clutch. Good overall performance by BA Nikola 'NiKolinho' Kovač and RS Nemanja 'k1Ng0r' Bošković secured the lead of the first half for RS GamePub.

During the second half, Natus Vincere scored the pistol round flawlessly. In the following round, the in-game leader of Na'Vi Zeus once again stepped up, defending middle with four kills against the eco rounded Serbians. Na'Vi continued to play solid, as UA Ioan 'Edward' Sukhariev took a double grenade kill and one more frag, pushing the Ukrainians in a winning streak. Despite RS Luka 'emi' Vuković's taking two frags in the back, his help wasn't enough for GamePub to win the match, as SK Ladislav 'GuardiaN' Kovács's critical AWP shots won the first map for Natus Vincere.

Continuing to the second map, the Serbians stepped up rapidly, starting as CT on de_inferno, NiKolinho took three frags to save the round. The Serbians secured the second round flawlessly, but suddenly were defeated during the third one by Zeus and Edward. However, GamePub continued to stand up still, as we saw MK Anel 'neno' Cekovic winning 1on2 situation. The Serbians took over seven more rounds in a row. Suddenly, Edward and GuardiaN managed to win the twelve round, clutching it in 2on4 situation. GamePub took the last round of the first half, thanks to the Macedonian star neno taking three kills with AWP, and secured a nice lead for the second half. However, Natus Vincere once again took the all important pistol round, followed by the next two rounds as well. Regardless for Na'Vi losing few rounds after that, the Ukrainians were performing smoothly, as we saw Zeus taking two rounds in a row, almost by himself, boosting his team further. In the end GuardiaN stunned the Serbians with his AWP, allowing RU Denis 'seized' Kostin to finish them off and send his team to the grand final.

UA Natus Vincere 16:10 GamePub RS (6:9; 10:1) @ de_mirage
UA Natus Vincere 16:14 GamePub RS (3:12; 13:2) @ de_inferno

UA Natus Vincere went to the grand final to compete against PL AGAiN later the same day.

Starting off on de_train, the pistol round went to the CT sided Natus Vincere, but immediately after that AGAiN took the second round, thanks to PL Jarosław 'pasha' Jarząbkowski. The Ukrainians did not fall down, as they secured few more rounds, having Edward score four fast frags. Everything felt smooth for Na'Vi, until PL Paweł 'byali' Bieliński clutched a round. The next round went to AGAiN as well, as we saw another clutch, this time from PL Janusz 'Snax' Pogrzelski. The Polish pride continued to outmatch Natus Vincere as PL Filip 'NEO' Kubski shot down three, securing another round. AGAiN scored six rounds on the weaker side, yet Na'Vi were still leading.

Thanks to seized and UA Sergey 'starix' Ishchuk's good performance, the Ukrainians secured the first three rounds of the second half. Despite that, PL Wiktor 'TaZ' Wojtas broke Na'Vi's winning streak by scoring three frags and letting his team to secure the round. Later on, starix kept his team strong, as he managed to win a 1on1 situation against pasha. Despite GuardiaN's three frags, he was unable to take down snax, losing the round for Na'Vi. NEO's skills were completely unmatchable today, as he successfully clutched a round with two frags in the scoreboard, as well as taking the next one with stunning four kills, tying the score. pasha took the lead, as he scored one more round, pulling out three frags. However, Natus Vincere did not gave up, as we saw GuardiaN taking two entry frags with AWP and cleaning the round with the help of Zeus. Not so long after that, the Polish legend NEO boosted his team to victory, as he managed to shot down three players.

Moving forward to the second map de_mirage, starting as T, the Polish team took the pistol round, but was surprised by Na'VI, as they quickly took the next round with pistols only. Few rounds later, TaZ turned the tides by adding three frags in the scoreboard. Critical shots were done by Zeus with the auto sniper, scoring four frags and few more rounds more for the Ukrainian side. Despite the strong individual play by pasha and snax, starix won the last round of the first half for Na'Vi.

AGAiN won the second pistol round as well, thanks to pasha's strong defense. Early rush by the Polish side scored them large amount of rounds, as once again we saw solid play by TaZ and pasha, who was quite active with the AWP during the second half. Unfortunately, went down during the last two rounds, leaving us unaware of the situation. However, we can confirm that Natus Vincere won the second map.

Going to the third and last map of the tournament, which was de_nuke. Starting as CT, Na'Vi lost the pistol round, because of snax's clutch against GuardiaN, who on his own managed to take two impressive one shot pistol kills. Things went bad for the Ukrainians, as byali and pasha were playing on top level. Despite the strong play from AGAiN, Na'Vi stepped up as GuardiaN took two no scope kills, helping his team winning few rounds. Great overall performance by Edward was also crucial for the Ukrainians. AGAiN once again turned the tides, as we saw pasha winning a duel against GuardiaN, giving the entry kill and eventually the round for his team. However, seized secured the last round of the first half for Na'Vi.

Nothing to be said for the second half, as we saw AGAiN going completely insane, winning the pistol round flawlessly. The Polish team continued to dominate over Na'Vi, leaving them with only one round as T.

PL AGAiN 16:14 Natus Vincere UA (7:8; 9:6) @ de_train
PL AGAiN 14:16 Natus Vincere UA (6:9; 8:7) @ de_mirage
PL AGAiN 16:8 Natus Vincere UA (8:7; 8:1) @ de_nuke

PL AGAiN are:

SLTV StarSeries VIII placing is the following:
1st place - PL AGAiN ($7,500)
2nd place - UA Natus Vincere ($4,000)
3rd place - RS GamePub ($2,000)
4th place - UA Astana Dragons ($1,500)

Congratulations to PL AGAiN for winning the SLTV StarSeries VIII tournament at CyberSport Arena in Kiev, Ukraine.

Stay tuned at SK Gaming for the coverage of future tournaments.



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