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SK Gaming CoD earned silver medal

By Tobias 'T0kEn_' M.
Dec 24, 2013 14:25

ImageAfter some extremely exciting two weeks of Call of Duty Ghosts matches, the first Gfintiy Pro League is going to an end.

Just about one week ago we informed you that the first ever Gfinity Pro League reached its half. Since then the DE SK Gaming Call of Duty team still had to complete two match days.

On the first of the two last match days, once again our team was facing the french powerhouse FR Team Vitality. As they are the most famous Call of Duty team and simultaneously the biggest YouTuber in France, it is always very exciting to watch. On the evening of the 19th December it was the time to decide who will win this match. After a few rounds into the game, it was like getting the last round of SnD, which decided about who will win this game and consolidates his placement in the Gfinity Pro League. After a commanding 6-0 victory in this decisive round of Search and Destroy, DE SK Gaming Call of Duty took the win against FR Team Vitality.

Past Monday the very last match day of the Gfinity Pro League took place. This time our German players were facing the new UK Team Infused and ex-MeetYourMakers team. Until now, this team could not emerge victorious from any match in the Pro League. After the 3-0 victory this sentence should continue to exist and finally DE SK Gaming CoD was able to confirm his second place in the Gfinity Pro League.

1. UK Aware Gaming (1200£)
2. DE SK Gaming (600£)
3. FR Team Vitality (200£)
4. UK TCM-Gaming
5. UK Epsilon eSports
6. UK Team Infused (ex-mYm)

We would like to congratulate the team on this strong performance, and a total cash profit of 600£.

Image courtesy of Gfinity



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