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mTw wins DreamHack Summer 2012

By Samuel 'DarthBotto' Horton
Jun 19, 2012 00:36

ImageAfter three days of nail-biting action and struggling, mTw has emerged as the champion of DreamHack Summer 2012, following a close victory against Na'Vi.

FR mTw has won the second DreamHack tournament featuring Dota 2, against UA Natus Vincere , which put on a near flawless performance earlier in the tournament. Therefore, mTw will be bringing home 100.000 SEK, (approximately 14244.24 USD). This marks mTw's first major tournament victory with a monetary value in the team's history.

After not losing a single round throughout the duration of the entire event, Na'Vi fired out hard and fast against mTw, but they soon lost momentum and by the late game, both teams fell back with a non-aggressive posture. Forty minutes in, however, Na'Vi sparked a horrifically-aggressive campaign that allowed them to claw their way through mTw's defenses and secure a first victory. mTw found themselves with a delicate lineup in the second game, which they played well; after a half hour of being close in statistics to Na'Vi, they made a tri-lane push and corned the Ukrainian team into an inescapable situation. With their scores neck-and-neck, mTw and Na'Vi pushed aggressively throughout the entirety of the match, with an emphasis upon farming by the latter. Surprisingly, Na'Vi actually managed to ninja the Aegis of the Immortal immediately after an mTw takedown. However, mTw's aggression and resolve was too strong and they secured a win.

Na'Vi may yet have their chance for revenge, however, as both teams will be attending The International from August 31st to September 2nd. mTw recently secured a place at The International from their victory at the qualifiers. Na'Vi is the defending champion, having secured the gold medal victory and million dollar prize last year, making them one of the highest-earning electronic sports teams in history.

DreamHack Summer 2012
1. FR mTw - $14244.24
2. UA Natus Vincere - $7122.12
3/4. US Evil Geniuses - $3561.17
3/4. EU mousesports - $3561.17

Image credit: GosuGamers



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