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SLTV: AGAiN reaches final; AD eliminated

By Evgeni 'Zinnoc' Chardakov
Dec 22, 2013 16:01

ImageDay 2 of SLTV StarSeries VIII is over and AGAiN will play in the grand final tonight.

Starting with the clash of the titans, UA Natus Vincere and UA Astana Dragons opened the second day of SLTV StarSeries VIII at CyberSport Arena in Kiev, Ukraine. The crowd was wild during the entire lower bracket match.

Astana Dragons, starting as T on de_nuke, were close to winning the pistol round, as the in-game leader UA Kiril 'ANGE1' Karasiow scored four frags and almost clutched the round in 1on3 situation, but unfortunately was taken down by UA Ioan 'Edward' Sukhariev. Natus Vincere took one more round, until being shot down on the third one. However, during the next round RU Denis 'seized' Kostin with Nova shotgun, went sneaking in the back taking a frag, switching to AK and quickly taking down two more, securing the round for Natus Vincere. Astana Dragons recovered instantly, as RU Mihail 'Dosia' Stolyarov save the round by scoring three frags with just 1hp left. He did not stop with this, as he tried to clutch 1on4 situation, but failed to outmatch UA Danylo 'Zeus' Teslenko and SK Ladislav 'GuardiaN' Kovács's team play. The CIS-based teams were performing quite equally during the entire first half.

The pistol round of the second half went flawlessly once again to Natus Vincere. UA Sergey 'starix' Ishchuk and his teammates made a huge leap, as they won the next five rounds in a row. However, ANGE1's strats secured few rounds for his team as well. His individual skills were crucial too, as his three frags during the last round of the second half, saved Astana Dragons from losing the first map, as they went overtime. With perfectly executed strats and stable individual performance, especially from UA Emil 'kucher' Akhundov, who was outstanding during the entire map, Astana Dragons secured the first map of the best-of-three series, leaving Natus Vincere with only two rounds from both sides during the overtime.

Continuing to the second map de_dust2, we saw Natus Vincere taking once again the pistol round as T. Taking two more rounds, Na'Vi failed to take the third, as KZ Dauren 'AdreN' Kystaubayev successfully secured bombside B with three more frags in the scoreboard. Regardless the lost round, Natus Vincere did not slow down, as Zeus managed to plant the bomb and clutch 1on2 situation, helping the Ukrainians to win three more rounds. AdreN stepped up once again, as he managed to win two rounds in a row for Astana Dragons. The Dragons took one more round, this time thanks to UA Yegor 'markeloff' Markelov, who finally decided to step in as a sniper, defeating GuardiaN in a duel and taking two more kills before dying. Regardless, excellent play by GuardiaN securing two impressive rounds for Natus Vincere, as he managed to clutch both rounds in an 1on2 situation. ANGE1 secured the last round of the first half for Astana Dragons by taking three entry kills in middle.

During the second half of the map, starix executed three frags and secured the pistol round, as well as the next four rounds for Na'Vi. Astana Dragons kept their spirit up, winning several rounds with the help of markeloff's AWP. kucher once again impressed the viewers in the last rounds, but that was not enough for the Dragons, as Natus Vincere took the last round of the second map flawlessly, winning the second map.

Next the titans met at de_inferno. Having Natus Vincere starting on T side, they once again managed to win the pistol round with the help of starix and Edward. However, Astana Dragons surprised the crowd by winning the eco round, thanks to AdreN and AGNE1's solid defense.

Moving forward to the second half, Natus Vincere achieved six of six pistol rounds against Astana Dragons. Both teams were performing equally, until Na'Vi manage to take the last five rounds of the second half and win the match. Astana Dragons has been eliminated from the tournament.

UA Astana Dragons 21:17 Natus Vincere UA (7:8; 8:7; OT: 4:1; 2:1) @ de_nuke
UA Astana Dragons 13:16 Natus Vincere UA (6:9; 7:7) @ de_dust2
UA Astana Dragons 11:16 Natus Vincere UA (8:7; 3:9) @ de_inferno

Later on, the second match of the day was the upper bracket final between the Polish pride PL AGAiN and the Serbian team RS GamePub. PL AGAiN won the pistol round and the next one, before being taken down with two rounds by the Serbians. However, the Polish guys quickly stepped back thanks to PL Paweł 'byali' Bieliński saving the round with four kills. Due to his and PL Jarosław 'pasha' Jarząbkowski superb performance, and the 1on2 clutch won by the legend PL Filip 'NEO' Kubski, PL AGAiN took nine rounds in a row, until RS Nestor '1NTEL' Tanić managed to clutch 1on1 situation and win the last two rounds for the Serbians.

Despite having PL AGAiN winning the second pistol round as well, surprisingly RS GamePub managed to secure eight rounds in a row and pushed PL AGAiN into overtime, thanks to BA Nikola 'NiKolinho' Kovač's four kills during the last round of the second half. pasha finished off the Serbians, winning the first map for PL AGAiN.

Next was de_train, where RS GamePub started on the heavily favored CT side and won the pistol round. Taking the next three rounds as well, until PL Wiktor 'TaZ' Wojtas's squad secured the fifth round. PL AGAiN managed to win few more rounds, including the last round of the first half. During the second half, PL AGAiN were completely dominant, leaving the Serbians with only three rounds as T, eventually winning the match and becoming the first team to reach the grand final of SLTV StarSeries VIII at CyberSport Arena in Kiev, Ukraine.

PL AGAiN 21:18 GamePub RS (11:4; 4:11; OT: 6:3) @ de_inferno
PL AGAiN 16:12 GamePub RS (6:9; 10:3) @ de_train

SLTV StarSeries VIII will continue today, where the winner of the lower bracket Natus Vincere will face RS GamePub at 12:00 CET. The winner will face PL AGAiN in the grand final later the same day.

Stay tuned at SK Gaming for more information.



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