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DreamHack Summer: AL vs.

By Joe 'YouGoJoe23' Staller
Jun 18, 2012 20:21

ImageThe powerhouse goes up against the formidable AL clan at DreamHack Summer 2012. has been performing exceptionally at recent tournaments, does Absolute Legends have what it takes to win?

Group B, Round 2: PL Absolute Legends vs EU Counter Logic Gaming EU

CLG bans: Nocturne, Udyr, and Graves
AL bans: Anivia, Kog'Maw, and Urgot

Absolute Legends Picks:

CLG picks:

Absolute Legends wastes no time, heading immediately towards CLG's jungle. They catch Soraka heading towards their wraith camp and pick up an easy first blood for Jax, along with CLG's blue buff.

Around the 8 minute mark, Jax kills Irelia in lane, now sitting at 2-0. A few minutes later AL take an uncontested dragon. Shortly after, Corki picks off Soraka in lane, with the assistance of Karthus ultimate.

Karthus ultimate comes off cooldown and AL's bot lane goes hyper-aggressive, with Karthus picking up a kill on Soraka and Corki killing Tristana. Ahri dives Karthus after this and picks up a kill, finally putting CLG on the board.

At 16 minutes with Jax significantly ahead of Irelia, he dives her for a kill, blowing both of their flashes. Ahri had roamed top in this time and picks off Jax for the kill and shut down.

A few minutes later a team fight that was led by a missed Leona ult breaks out in mid. The teams trade Ahri for Shen, with Karthus ultimate at the end to push CLG away. AL secures dragon and is up 3-7 with a 4k gold lead.

AL secures kills on Tristana, Irelia, and Soraka in their respective lanes over the next few minutes. Ahri dives Karthus again for a kill as AL bot lane takes the first turret at 22 minutes.

AL's bot lane roams mid and with the excellent team coordination kills Nautilus and Ahri, as Jax forces Irelia away and takes top for AL. AL up 7k gold on CLG.

At 25 minutes the teams fight at dragon. AL comes out ahead 2-3 and secures another dragon.

AL makes moves for Baron Nashor, and CLG comes in to fight. Ahri leads with a charm on to Leona, and CLG takes 3 kills for nothing against AL, as well as top outer turret.

At 32 minutes CLG takes mid outer turret and heads for dragon. AL counters by going to baron. The teams clash outside of baron and Leona ult hits most of CLG, except Ahri. Ahri dives the back lines and takes out Karthus and Corki, followed shortly by Leona for the triple. CLG loses Irelia and Tristana in the fight, and CLG have closed the gold gap to only 2k down from AL.

AL heads back to baron. CLG baits the Leona ult, and AL is forced to engage awkwardly in to CLG. CLG trades 1 for 5, and takes baron off the ace, now up 2k gold on AL.

CLG sieges up mid lane and manages to get a kill on to Leona, which allows CLG to engage freely on AL. Nautilus lands a hook on to Karthus, resulting in a number of quick kills for CLG, followed by mid turrets, the inhibitor and the game.

CLG wins 23-20, up 8k gold at the end.

Conclusion: With superior team play, good positioning and pure will to win, CLG takes what seemed like a lost game from the 10 minute mark and secures the win.

MVP: DK Henrik 'Froggen' Hansen

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