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DreamHack Summer: vs M5 semi final

Jun 18, 2012 13:37

ImageThe first semi final of today has just been played. If you wanna find out all about how amazing and entertaining these games were, check out this post - we got you covered.

The first match of the day was the semi final between EU Team Curse EU and RU Moscow Five casted by Riot's Phreak and Rivington the 3rd. Now that the teams are playing in the semi finals, the game mode has become best-of-three.

First Game

Curse.EU: Twisted Fate, Shen, Irelia
M5: Urgot, Lulu, Nautilus

Picks Curse.EU

Picks M5

Both teams go for a safe start in the game. Curse, playing as the blue team, are heading to M5's jungle to place some wards at their wraith camp and their tri brush on toplane. After they are done with this they recall and go to their lanes, the junglers start going their usual routes, not risking any early fight.

At 6.50, first blood gets drawn. Both Darien and and Diamondprox die to a top gank of Malphite and Ahri. Alex Ich, who already hit level 6, manages to pick up a kill on Ahri by using his ulti.

Until the 10 minute mark everything is pretty calm. All lanes are farming, the junglers start a few attempts of ganking which caused Darien to perform a spectacular flash when getting ganked top.

Around 10.14, a big teamfight initiation gets started by Nocturne's ultimate. M5 charge in, but the damage output of extinkt's Graves is just too strong at this point. When Ahri and Malphite arrive bot, Curse manage to totally turn the fight to their favor and leave the battle with 3 kills, while M5 only ended up getting one kill, again thanks to Karthus' ultimate. Shortly after that, Curse pick up the first dragon of the game.

14.14 minutes into the game, Curse are already taking down M5's second bot tower and even manage to deal over 50% damage to their inhibitor tower.

After 17.41 minutes spent ingame, a teamfight occurs mid. Sleper manages to kill Nunu, but Alex Ich takes down Malphite who was having an oracle. All kills of M5 have been scored by Karthus so far. Not much time passes till Curse head to dragon and pick it up a second time without getting into a fight. About 6 minutes later, they manage to pick up another dragon, again with any sign of resistance by their enemies.

At the 27 minute mark, Taric gets caught in M5's jungle when he was trying to place a ward. He tries to back off, but Curse cannot avoid fighting. The teamfight kills 3 players of Curse and only 1 of M5. After this, M5 rush to baron and take it down quickly. Both teams start focusing on clearing / placing wards now.

About 10 minutes later, another huge team fight takes place in the baron area. Again, M5 is having the upper hand. Curse try to back off in time to avoid the worst but they are followed by Kog Maw, who manages to score a triple kill. M5 pick up baron once again. Winning these two teamfights in a row causes them to regain map control and gets them back into the game.

42.00, Curse really feel the need of making a move decide to push M5's top inhibitor tower. They don't succeed and even get aced. M5 rush to their base and quickly take down their inhibitor, the nexus turrets and the nexus itself, while Curse are still waiting for respawn.

This intense back and forth kind of game ended after about 45 minutes. The winner: RU Moscow Five !

Second Game

Curse.EU Twisted Fate, Karthus, Urgot
M5: Le Blanc, Lulu, Nautilus

Picks Curse.EU

Picks M5

The game started off with Curse playing pretty aggressively. They invaded M5's jungle, warded their blue and ended up stealing wolfes and blue buff. Curse kept that tactic going on for a while, they kept counter jungling pretty hard. This didn't cause any teamfights whatsoever, after 5minutes of playing the score still was 0:0.

At 10.36, first blood gets picked up by Alex Ich. When a fight was going on bot, he teleported on a ward that was placed in a brush and managed to finish off Taric from behind.

Around 14.50, Darien gets towerdived on top lane. M5 use the fact that two people are located top and instantly rush to dragon and finish it off. Shortly after scoring this first dragon of the game, they catch Morgana and kill her.

20.40 minutes into the game, a teamfight gets started on botlane. The fight ends in the favor of M5 who manage to kill 2 enemies, while Curse only strikes down one. M5 are ahead by 2k gold right now. Right after this fight, they go and pick up dragon once again, which expands their gold advantage even further.

When the ingame time hits 23.20, Angush gets tower dived by M5. They keep going further and Galio manages to pick up a double kill. Right after that, M5 head straight to baron, catching Taric on their way there, kill him, and finally finish off baron to get the popular buff. They are now almost 6k gold ahead of Curse.

25.37, Angush gets caught in the jungle, a very easy kill for M5 who are roaming together. After dealing with Taric, M5 move on to get the best out of their baron buff and push. They take down Curse's second mid tower, what causes a teamfight. This teamfight goes totally in M5's favor, they score 4 kills while Curse only pick up 1.

After this, Curse.EU surrender and RU Moscow Five are the winners again. By winning two best of threes, M5 qualified for the finals that'll take place later today.

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