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DreamHack Summer: MM vs M5

By David 'darthsexy' Figueira
Jun 17, 2012 23:31

ImageWith Moscow 5 showing what was already expected - being one of the best in team plays, they continue to crush their opponents in the group. How did this match go versus Mebdi's Minions?

Moscow 5 is in a great form, even after the time-off since Hannover they continue to show a great display of teamwork. With the recent crushing victory versus PL Absolute Legends , they now face Medbi's Minions which isn't doing that good since the match versus EU Counter Logic Gaming EU.

Group B, Round 1 EU Mebdi's Minions vs RU Moscow Five

MM bans: Lee Sin, Karthus, Urgot
Moscow 5 bans: Nautilus, Ahri, Nocturne

Medbi's Minions picks:
SE Jwaow - Alistar
SE YamatoCannon - Singed
SE kestrel - Corki
GB baronpanda - Lulu
BE SKULLilac x - Shaco

Moscow 5 picks:

With EU Mebdi's Minions going with Shaco jungling with Smite and Teleport and Lulu mid lane versus Twisted Fate, it was a complete stomp from RU Moscow Five . Both teams with an agressive early game, the first blood would happen at 6:30 in the mid lane with TF bursting Lulu and Shen coming from the jungle, towerdiving to pick-up the first kill of the game.

One minute later the second kill would be for TF on top. Irelia weakened Singed, TF ulted to the brushes and picked up an easy kill for him and the team. Then at 8:30, a fight started from Shaco's gank on Twisted Fate, Irelia came for the aid and died to Lulu, but Shen right on time picked up two kills on Lulu and Shaco, putting Moscow 5 on top. By the 10 minute mark it was already 4-1 to Moscow 5, with a difference of 2k gold to the Russian team.

At 11:30 minutes, there was a fight going on for the blue buff between MM and Moscow 5. MM began to overcome them - Lulu got the first kill of the fight, killing MF, but with Irelia arriving, M5 turned around and she actually picked up Alistar and Singed. With this Moscow 5 went for the first dragon of the game.

In a space of four minutes, seven towers were destroyed. At 20:20 there was a small teamfight in which the russians totally destroyed the other team. Moscow 5 got a huge advantage in gold, kills and towers - 18-6 in kills, 15k (!!) gold difference.

With no more to be done, Moscow 5 went for the last push at the 25 minute, where they won the last teamfight of the game with Irelia and TF melting the opposite team and finishing the game.

Conclusion: Easy match for Moscow 5, clearly dominating since the very beginning.

MVP: RU Alexey 'Alex Ich' Ichetovkin

THE WINNER: RU Moscow Five

PS: Credit to YouGoJoe for the help

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