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DreamHack Summer: Fnatic vs PAH

By Teemu 'DMAM' S
Jun 17, 2012 16:33

ImageThe last match of Group A has ended but who won? You can read it all here.

It was a very important match with high stakes for both of the teams. Whoever wins, would continue their way to semifinals and take a part of the $40 000 prize pool, while the loser would fall out of the tournament.

Group A, Round 3: EU Fnatic vs EU PAH

Fnatic bans: Blitzcrank, Nautilus and Karthus
PAH bans: Twisted Fate, Ahri and Shen

Fnatic picks:

PAH picks:

Game starts with an intense level 1 team fight near the dragon pit. xPeke manages to pick up the first blood, followed by Lamia picking up another kill. This sets Fnatic into an early lead on gold. Some great plays and ganks were made by both of the teams but Fnatic manages to keep their advantage on kills. While they focus on pushing lanes, PAH manages to pick the first dragon which means they are catching up a bit. Even though PAH shows some potential plays, they can't catch up, which leades to Fnatic picking up the second dragon. Right after that, they force a team fight which ends to a 3-2 exchange in favor of Fnatic. Third dragon goes for tehm as well.

At 27 minutes PAH decides to go for Baron which turns out to be a bad call because even though they picked up the buff, Fnatic arrives and goes all in, which leads to an 4-0 exchange in favor of the latter. 30 minutes game in and Fnatic is leading the game, having over 10k gold advantage. Not too long after that they go for a final push ending the game with a score of 22-8 on favor of Fnatic.


Also, EU Team Curse EU wins against FR Millenium with a score 1-0, securing their #1 spot in the group.

This means Fnatic and will both be seen in the semifinals tomorrow at 10 CET.

Click here to find out what positions are available.



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