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SLTV StarSeries VIII starts tomorrow

By Evgeni 'Zinnoc' Chardakov
Dec 19, 2013 21:54

ImageТomorrow the SLTV StarSeries VIII will start in Kiev, Ukraine with two matches. Four teams in total will fight for the $15,000 prize pool.

SLTV StarSeries VIII Finals will be taking place tomorrow in Kiev, Ukraine with four teams battling for total of $15,000 prize money. The event will start at 14:00 CET with a match between the CIS-based team UA Astana Dragons and RS GamePub, formerly known as iNation in a best-of-three format. The second match will begin at 19:00 CET and will be between the Polish PL AGAiN, which departed from Universal Soldiers just few days ago, against UA Natus Vincere , who changed lineup earlier this month bringing back UA Ioan 'Edward' Sukhariev and adding SI Ladislav 'GuardiaN' Kovács in the place of RU Anton 'kibaken' Kolesnikov and UA Arseniy 'ceh9' Trynozhenko.

On Saturday, December 21st the lower bracket final will be played at 14:00 CET and the upper bracket one at 19:00 CET. On Sunday the consolidation final will take place yet again at 14:00 CET and the grand final will be next at 19:00 CET. However, no public GOTV will be available during the entire event. You can follow all the matches via SLTV StarSeries' official stream on, which will be in Russian or via streaming partners that will be in English. Most likely streams with other languages will be available as well.

SLTV StarSeries VIII price money will be split as following:

1st place - $7,500
2nd place - $4,000
3rd place - $2,000
4th place - $1,500

Stay tuned at SK Gaming for more information about SLTV StarSeries VIII and feel free to comment.




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