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DreamHack Summer: Fnatic vs Millenium

By Krasimir 'fmde' Kolev
Jun 17, 2012 14:21

ImageAfter the bad start, both teams wanted to secure win and qualify for the next phase. Find out which one of them did in our coverage!

First game went pretty rough for EU Fnatic and they were looking forward to their first victory in the tournament. EU Millenium Also lost their first game against a very solid PAH. Which of the two teams prevailed? Read down below!

Group A, Round 2: EU Fnatic vs EU Millenium

Fnatic bans: Karthus, Vladimir, Urgot
Millenium bans: Kennen, Twisted Fate, Naitulus

Fnatic Picks

Millenium picks:

The Game started in a standard, straightforward way with both teams, securing vital spots on the map for their junglers. However, first blood was drawn quite early as a gank from Nanjik went terribly wrong and Cyanide showed up on top lane securing the kill with a little help from minions.

Neither of the teams managed to build up an early advantage though - farming happily ever after until minutes 6 and 7 where xPeke and Arcagod exchanged kills on each other, putting the score of 2:1 in favor of fnatic. Nothing happened for the next 10 minutes, until EU Fnatic grouped up at the dragon area, but they didn't manage to take it, because EU Millenium were prepared.

First big battle went in favor of fnatic: a huge teamfight on bot lane resulted in 4 kills , giving them a huge advantage! They managed to increase that even more after another teamfight on the same lane, just 3 minutes later, winning the fight, taking both tower and inhibitor.

Once they secured map control they headed straight to baron, taking it almost uncontested. Shortly after, in an amazing teamfight, EU Millenium lost 4 of their members and were forced to surrender. After 29 minutes of game the end result was 15:6 in favor of fnatic.


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